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    I create pixel versions of historic U.S. army uniforms (and others).

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  1. I'll agree with Jamecharle. Though, were cadet uniforms made by the Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot?
  2. Speaking of Navy, my favorite navy uniform was the service dress gray.
  3. yeah, and I'm referencing the fact that pinks and greens are the same age as other services uniforms that are still in service, but they are somehow anachronistic, iyo.
  4. too anachronistic? US military uniforms reached their peak during wwii. Navy and Marine corps still wear the same service uniforms they've had since the 1920s.
  5. Oh yeah, I forgot that the ike jacket also had a waistbelt...
  6. They should also look into reviving the ike jacket as optional wear for those that don't look good in the service coat. Just a thought.
  7. The badge is of an eagle or some other bird perched atop a (infantry?) horn. I remember finding it on google years back, but i forgot the name, but it was maybe from Romania or Yugoslavia. Edit: Sorry image didn't post, so here is an imgur link http://i.imgur.com/2N0IM2o.jpg
  8. Hodges did serve in the Pacific. He moved there with his army around Jun '45 for the planned Invasion of Japan. He was onboard the USS Missouri during the signing of the surrender of Japan.
  9. Gen Connor wears a strange chain on his left breast pocket. Does anyone know if it is some sort of military decoration or just a personal item? I've seen similary pictures of these chains, but they were in foreign.
  10. The officer on the right in that of future general Willis Crittenberger, then LTC. Sorry, thought I might add this info if not already known.
  11. (Sorry, I tend to stir posts off topic) What an awesome caption! Ike, Bradley, Marshall, and Roosevelt wanted ever so deeply to serve overseas in WWI, but they were deemed to valuable to spare. Here is another one of Ike with Breeches. Caption was along the lines of "Ike eating rations after inspection tour of troops in Tunisia, 1943"
  12. Maybe Ike just had a thing for "small" ribbon bars? As you know, he had almost twice as many medals, ribbons, etc. then Monty, yet only wore 4 or 5 or his US! Or as you said, a voodoo picture :I. (They didn't have one of the loveliest of "rivalries", so to speak)
  13. (It's kinda hard picturing him in Breeches, when most of the time he is wearing his pink's!)
  14. WOW What skill!! Haha is that the LoM? If so I find that pretty hilarious as that's the only ribbon he has on! He's not even wearing his Order of the Garter or Order of the Bath. Must of been Ike's choice to only paint the LoM on him?!
  15. This photo is with Patton and Geoffrey Keyes I'm trying to identify to Major General to the right and the Brigadier to the Left.
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