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  1. That appears to be a P-61, not an A-26 in the background. Also, looking at the construction of the box in the picture, the configuration/construction looks to be a little different than your boxes. I'm betting your boxes are still for an aircraft gun, but no idea which one. Looking again, I think the ammo in the picture is 20MM since the P-61 had four 20MM cannons. Are your boxes for .50 cal?
  2. I'll continue to keep an eye out for you Charlie!
  3. Just scored a 1959 NM Rifle and Pistol, a 1960 NM Rifle and Pistol and a 1965 NM Rifle manuals from the same seller on eBay. The 1959 and 1965 Rifles are spares, but for the price I could not pass them up. Glad I decided to look today.
  4. The Davidsons Mark 245 scope stand is not GI. It is similar to but not identical to the Freeland stands that seem to me much more common. As for the Unertl, I believe that is also a civilian scope, though I'd not be surprised if military shooters or shooting teams bought them too as they are likely superior to the M48/M49 spotting scopes.
  5. Unfortunate. An acquaintance that ran a surplus store lost a dummy M60 the same way 15 years ago.
  6. I don't think the pennant in question is for a pitot tube as it appears to have a cable and a pin on it. The presence of a pin makes me think of control locks, gear locks, etc. though the pin looks a little small to be a gear pin. Could also be a pin used for rigging flight controls or during maintenance that needs to be removed upon completion of adjustment and before operation.
  7. I believe that mount is a standard Weaver commercial mount from the period that the scope was made in.
  8. What if you ran ropes straight out the doors/open ends from the poles? I'd imagine that would tighten up the ridge (provided they doors/ends are open high enough to facilitate that).
  9. If memory serves, I pulled a pile of FM's and TM's out of a rusty footlocker on a trash pile, all named to the same guy. I think I also got an early war 38R EM wool overcoat and three WWII mountain rucksacks off of trash piles at various points as well.
  10. I passed on one of these for about $4. Not really kicking myself about it, but I should have bought it. I think that the same seller I got my '59 NM rifle booklet had it.
  11. Cool, that is an interesting perspective and seems logical. As for what I'm missing, for rifles I'm after 1968, 61, 60 and 1958 and older. For pistols, 1968 and anything before 1961. Much obliged!
  12. Charlie, I'm sure you are right that the info may no longer be out there. I'm just pondering on the subject while I search for the manuals I'm still missing. I wonder, did the Army print a copy of the specs for each National Match firearm built/rebuilt for each calendar or fiscal year (can't remember how production was tracked at the moment)? Or did they print enough for the competitors that signed up for the National Matches at Camp Perry for a given year? Neither? A combination of both? We may never know I suppose. You are quite welcome Charli
  13. Just got a set of 1967 NM booklets to go with the above. The rifle one is pretty nice, the pistol one is a little rougher. Tough to find, I wonder what the total number printed each year were?
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