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  1. I show him in the signal co, 101st AB. He was promoted to a T-5 (pfc) June 14, 1945 and then transferred to the 501st. I do not show him in jump training.
  2. The CIB looks post war to me. Send me his name and i'll see if I have any records of him.
  3. I picked this up and wanted to double check the patches to make sure they are real.
  4. That is not Patton's. A friend of mine has pictures of Patton's car and it had armor plates welded on the bottom and in the quarter panels. The deck lid was also welded up with armor. This car has none of that. He also told me this same car was for sale a few years ago with no registration number and now has it. Again, this is what a friend told me who even has photos for the archives of the armor being added per Patton's request.
  5. The African-American divisions. 92nd, 93rd are hard to find. Also, I have looked for a 96th division (my uncles division) for 20 years no luck.
  6. I read in a memoir that the Navy commander at San Francisco was a stickler for ribbons. Vets that had never worn ribbons had to put them on or be fined.
  7. The switch was with the 1947 regulations. I have never seen a legit wwii navy/marine uniform with 3/8 ribbons. The Army however sometimes used the 1/2.
  8. I've good the uniform of Navy Cross recipient Thomas J Greene. Pride of my collection.
  9. I have an 8th Army Air Force pilot uniform that had a sew on 3 place ribbon bar. I can see the threads sticking out from where it was cut off. The three ribbons were Air Medal, american Camp, ETO. Above that was a two place clutch back ribbon bar, which I have already acquired. I try to rebuild missing bars with all WWII vintage ribbons and exactly what was on there, like Pin back, Clutch back etc. So I want to build one. Does any body have experience building these. What stiffener was used? How do you get it to keep shape? Any help? Does anybody have a length of the campaign ribbons, WWII vintage? I have the Air Medal ribbon piece.
  10. I was scanning through ebay looking for a WWII Phil Lib plastic covered ribbon and found this one. It is zinc backed, but it has the Alpha-Numeric maker mark. First I have ever seen. All of the post war ribbons I've seen were brass backed. Thoughts?
  11. I have an original 4th Armored and he has one, but he transferred to it after V-E day from the 16th AD. I also noticed the 8th Armored did the same thing - no American campaign ribbon on photos I saw.
  12. Would merchant marines have worn this? Possibly?
  13. 4 pockets were reissued to Pacific units a lot. I have two with names traced to the 36th ID and 38th Engineer then to Pacific vets. I would assume it was when they received their Ikes. i believe the memoir was "Before Their Time" referred to.
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