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  1. Hello, I have an opportunity to buy these from the vet's son. I do not know much about shoes. Are they WWII vintage and about how much ar e they worth?
  2. Make sure to have the parts date from the era. When I rebuild a WWII one, I only use era parts. Someone else can advise you that has expertise in that time era. Paul
  3. Both of my Americal uniforms (unfortunately not totally ided) have navy style stencil inside of the laundry number.
  4. I read that the higher ups were still vacillating over its use in the field. That why the four pocket went from a conforming back to bellows (for better arm movement) back to a flat back style.
  5. I have been meaning to post about this. I bought this uniform a while ago from the original poster for a very reasonable price. I was intrigued by the A&M connection (being from Texas) and with half a dozen Machemehls, with two being airborne, I figured I could find something. When I got the uniform here is what I found. 1. It has a clear round with airborne tab stitch marks on left shoulder. On very close inspection you can see where a shield with tab was on at one time. 2. On right shoulder a very clear shield with tab was on it and nothing else. 3. It had 4 overseas bars,
  6. I've got a morning report with him listed. I could send it to you.
  7. I show him in the signal co, 101st AB. He was promoted to a T-5 (pfc) June 14, 1945 and then transferred to the 501st. I do not show him in jump training.
  8. The CIB looks post war to me. Send me his name and i'll see if I have any records of him.
  9. I picked this up and wanted to double check the patches to make sure they are real.
  10. That is not Patton's. A friend of mine has pictures of Patton's car and it had armor plates welded on the bottom and in the quarter panels. The deck lid was also welded up with armor. This car has none of that. He also told me this same car was for sale a few years ago with no registration number and now has it. Again, this is what a friend told me who even has photos for the archives of the armor being added per Patton's request.
  11. The African-American divisions. 92nd, 93rd are hard to find. Also, I have looked for a 96th division (my uncles division) for 20 years no luck.
  12. I read in a memoir that the Navy commander at San Francisco was a stickler for ribbons. Vets that had never worn ribbons had to put them on or be fined.
  13. The switch was with the 1947 regulations. I have never seen a legit wwii navy/marine uniform with 3/8 ribbons. The Army however sometimes used the 1/2.
  14. I've good the uniform of Navy Cross recipient Thomas J Greene. Pride of my collection.
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