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  1. They are not strikers but are distinguishing marks.
  2. I love and collect bullion patches. I wouldn't bid on any of them, just my IMHO.
  3. Picture #4 red armband with COTP. US Coast Guard Captain of the Port used by marine inspection teams.
  4. Very nice Conspicuous Service Cross, the Tiffany made ones are the first pattern and much harder to find and of a higher quality than the later AECo. more common examples.
  5. I believe you are correct. He should have a BASE clasp. A FLEET clasp would be for service on the high seas while attached to a vessel. BASE Issued by the Navy and Marine Corps for service ashore outside the continental limits of the United States (service in either Alaska or Hawaii qualified).
  6. You are correct. I think the AMICO hallmark would date these in the 1940's.
  7. Sorry but it is not a SCARWAF patch it is a Army/Air Force Aviation Engineers patch.
  8. You may want to check Tonelli Visor Hats of the United States Armed Forces 1930 - 1950 chapter 28 page 282.
  9. 1930's World War One Veteran Association, army veteran eagles were gold like this one, navy veteran eagles were silver. I think this organization was absorbed into the American Legion.
  10. The Mariner gave a pretty good answer to the question.
  11. Frank J Oreopello was a in the army 1943-46 but died 2008, no information he received a Purple Heart.
  12. Nice one Jack, here is the other version with it's British brother
  13. I have one very much like it. Very thin, soft silk like, feel I believe it is Belgian made.
  14. This is how to answer a post when someone has a reproduction. Simply "repro' or "fake" or "no good" doesn't do anyone any good.
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