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  1. Great knives!!! On my side of the big pond WWII Ek knives are rare as hen's teeth! I was extremely lucky to find one!
  2. If you have anything from the 80th, 28th or 5th Division you don't need to take them to a show! I will take them! ;-)
  3. Hello sir, If you ever want to part with this Purple Heart I would be interested in purchasing it! Best regards Tom
  4. I've never come across this guy! Could someone "in the know" please send me a PM with the name and all the details of the guy, I think I can hurt his business pretty bad over here!
  5. I have a keen interest in the subject of logging and saw mills run by US Engineer units during WWII. I know for sure about one specialized unit, the 800th Engineer Forestry Company, that saw action in the MTO. If I got it right the US Army had it's own type of mobile saw mill in WWII. Does anybody have more information on the subject? Thanks for your help! Tom
  6. Nice lid, it's in an incredible good condition!
  7. This picture was taken in Diekirch / Luxembourg, by the local photographer Mister Jules Ferry. The curtain and the tiles are a sure giveaway. The 8th Infantry Division was posted in northern Luxembourg, along the Siegfriedline, from 30th September 1944 until 19th November 1944. There are dozens of similar pictures in the collection of the Diekirch National Military History Museum. I have a picture of Captain Philip M. Turner of the 687th FA BN, taken in the same room.
  8. They were either attached to the 10th Armored or operating on their own, it's hard to say withour more information at hand. The way the unit is marked on the map I would dare to say they were operating on their own, on a screening mission. The other variant can't be excluded though.
  9. Pvt. William J. Hines Jr. was KIA during the reduction of the Saar-Moselle Triangle by Patton's XX Corps, commanded by General Walker. The 94th Infantry Division broke through the German defenses on February 19th and the 10th Armored Division exploited the breakthrough, attacking along the ridge lines running to the N-E, towards Trier, on the following day. The 2nd. Cavalry Groups mission seems to have been either, to screen the Luxembourg-German frontier, running along the Moselle river, against German counterattacks, or doing reconnaissance missions for the 10th Armored, both classical Cava
  10. Now this is amazing! One of the nicest groupings I've ever seen! Congratulations!
  11. I was feeling a little artsy-fartsy this morning.
  12. Wow that M1A1 is in a great condition! I have one from the first production batch with flip sights and first model barrel band as well as one with the same sights as yours and the second model barrel band. Either a late second production run or a modification in a rear echelon armory. Both are battle field leftovers from the Bulge and have definitely never been taken back stateside and re-built in an arsenal. There are several museums in Belgium as well as in Luxembourg who have second production run M1A1's with adjustable rear sights and second type barrel bands. So I would leave the sights a
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