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  1. Hi,can anyone help me find contact details of Conrad who trades on eBay as esox blades.Any help so that I can send a PM would be much appreciated. Thanks Steve.
  2. Hi Prost and thanks for your reply.I was hoping to see a single piece example but after about 15 years of collecting I have never seen one and now assume they don't exist although I would like to be wrong and find one for,sale. Regards,Steve
  3. Hi,i am just enquiring if the wing maker Lamplugh ever made airgunner wings either in Sterling or coin silver.I have all the other Lamplugh AAC wings but have never seen an Airgunner. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks,Steve.
  4. I doubt the family could pull the same stunt twice especially as the FBI is involved and selling the MOH in the US can attract serious jail time and a huge fines.
  5. The thing is they did not actually confiscate the other medals they just made it clear they would like them to be returned to be put back with the MOH.I presume who ever sold them in the first place would have had a lot of questions to answer.I would also like to point out the group was never reported as stolen.
  6. Hi,they both had official ID cards and I checked the woman's name on the FBI site and there were pics on there of her when she was about ten years younger.I have no doubt they were who they said they were.As my home phone is ex directory I strongly believe the MOH society gave my number to the agent in the US who first rang me and arranged arranged for the collection. Steve.
  7. Hi Guys,just thought I would clear up a few points on Gott's MOH now the dust has settled.I would like firstly to confirm that I definately did receive a call from an FBI agent from California out of the blue and I can only assume the MOH society whom I contacted to try and get the medal returned gave them my details and phone number.After several what I would call mildly intimidating calls and a discussion with the owner it was agreed to hand the medal back.I had to arrange to meet agents in terminal 3 Heathrow to hand it over as they did not want to collect at my home which is only 6miles from Heathrow.I agreed ,met the agents from the US London embassy and was given an official FBI receipt.A short time later I was contacted again and asked if I would return the Air medal and Purple Heart which which was also agreed.I refused outright to again meet them in Heathrow and they condescended to pick the medals up at my home.The same female agent and driver arrived and I handed them over in thier limo outside my house and was again given an official receipt.I suggested that perhaps they could arrange a nominal payment to the owner as he was seriously out of pocket.The agent said it could be a possibility and then left ,now in possession of the whole group.That was the last I ever saw or heard from them. I would be very. Interested to know if any other members have any knowledge as to where the group is now.I did ask if it would be returned to GOTT 's family and was told it was unlikely as it was probably someone in the family that sold it.Any info on the groups present location or any comments would be greatly appreciated. Regards,Steve.
  8. Hi,your FS is a standard 3rd patt late war example with a machine ground blade.Earlier 3 patts can be found with hand ground blades and are generally a lot thicker.The arrow and number six is are inspectors marks.These late war knives were made by many companies and I doubt you will be able to find which one actually made it.I have not seen the other mark before and I'm not sure what it represents. Rgards,Steve.
  9. I would like to say this medal group could have been bought for less than the ebay start price if a buyer had offered a sensible offer.The top pice was only that high as ebay makes the seller put the buy it now pride at 40% higher than the start price.i still think an offer below £13000 ( $19000) approx is a fair price. )
  10. Thanks,and i'm not sure what it's got to do with Scotland Yard they also are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard at the moment.
  11. Hi guys,unfortunately the owner of this rare group has now decided to remove it from ebay and for sale else where due to attention from the US FBI.I have now returned this to the present owner much to the relief of my wife who freaked out after we received a phone call earlier today from an FBI agent which frightened the life out of her.Apparently the US authorities have laws that think it better to loose sight of this irreplaceable piece of US history rather than let someone pay a pathetic sum in the big scheme of things to get it back to the US where it belongs.Go figure,who knows the workings of the minds of these people.I rather suspect that this group will end up some where in Europe when the owner travels there during the summer,how sad.C'est la vie.
  12. Hi,still looking for a buyer on this rare grouping and the ebay relisted number is 182067211416.Thanks.
  13. Hi kat,i am open to any and all suggestions and willing to discuss the options with any interested museum's management.The ebay uk listing number is 182055943678.The buy it now price is rather high as i could not list it with a buy it now price less than %40 higher than the start price and so the buy it now price would be negotiable as i would rather see the group returned to the US than sold to a foreign collector. Steve.
  14. I would like to advise any parties interested in this group that i have now relisted it back on ebay UK with a very low start no reserve auction with a much lower buy it now and i think it also represents an excellent investment opportunity .I am prepared to work with any prospective buyer to get this group back to the USA. Regards,steve.
  15. Hi guys,as the present guardian of this rare group i would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this listing and and confirmed what i was quite confident off, that they are Donald Gott's original medals.As you now know these items have been removed by ebay now and i am waiting for a reply to the appeal i lodged with them. As i had several enquiries about buying them for museums and there was 70 watchers i would like to let any interested parties know that they are still for sale and i am open to sensible offers under the original listing price of $30,000 as the owner keen to sell. As i explained in the original listing i am selling these items as a favour for a friend and am not doing so for financial gain and ideally would like to see them back in the US and on display where they belong. Regards,Steve
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