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  1. Some units were still getting brand-new Hawleys after WW2 (National Guard), proving that there were still stockpiles of them......I have original pics of fresh Hawley liners Being worn in the summer of 1948– a mixture of painted and decaled emblems on them—— taken when the 29th Division was heading to summer camp at Fort Indiantown Gap, PA......these Guardsmen were with the 175th Infantry Regiment (Maryland NG).
  2. That’s a beauty....very nice indeed..! 👍🏼
  3. I’m pretty sure that the Air Corps used long-barreled shotguns for training leading and trailIng fire in Anti-Aircraft training.....I will have to review Canfields book but I believe he mentions them, some of them being made under contract IIRC........
  4. Seems that all of his time as an officer was prior to WW1....maybe this was all under a college ROTC system or something similar.
  5. Very nice Scott. 👍🏼😊
  6. As others have said, obtain a letter from Colt about its origins, sometimes people get a surprise with the details. IMO it’s not a foreign contract pistol, but may be a private purchase to a US officer...Some carried their own sidearms and not issue pieces. The spelling “CALIBRE 45” is normal for the domestic civilian Government Model Colt .45s.
  7. IMHO, no....it’s a repro. Looks a little too recent for my liking, and I agree with the detail points you mention.
  8. Is the helmet in the auction currently located In France...?
  9. Yeah that’s a great pack of smokes for sure. Love the ETO ‘tax’ label.......
  10. That ‘SA’ cartouche with only the upper half of the square is a complete cartouche, not sanded down....Springfield Armory used these on refurbished rifles, post-WW2. The “M” is the initial of the inspector for the rifle.......
  11. Dang. Sorry for everyone that was looking forward to the new place (me too)...........
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