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  1. Oh no..! So sad to hear this news. He was a huge asset here on the Forum, active and enthusiastic....I will definitely miss his contributions. Prayers to his family thru all of their trials. Big loss for the USMF.
  2. Yes, most pics show them either on a garrison belt or a pistol belt, at least with men performing sentry duty......
  3. Cool, and I like that you have it hooked up so it will light up.
  4. Welcome fellow Virginian.....I minored in history too, LOL 😂
  5. I had some discussions with a couple of people about this helmet and we had wonder if perhaps this soldier was a transfer from the Glider Infantry into a unit of the 29th— IIRC, the 327ths area of operation was in a different sector (Utah Beach, St. Come du Mont) than the 29th Division during Normandy and immediately beyond, they had no reason to cross paths.... so it’s hard to say what really happened here.
  6. Hers is some more detail......
  7. We had a meeting today so I was able to take a pic of the example we have in the museum....this dates from the 1930s if memory serves but I can verify the other details in time. As far as what any labels may look like, hard to say because it is all cased up at the moment.
  8. Hink- Back in the day, there were some of the units in the Virginia National Guard that used similar uniforms; The Monticello Guard (which was K Company 116th in more modern times) had parade/ceremonial uniforms that were worn for various events and commemorative dates.....I will look at one of them in a couple days and report back to this thread....
  9. Love this.....my Dad was stationed at Ft. Knox during the war......
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