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  1. I had something come up and wasn't able to call them for more photos than what's available on the website before the auction occured. They couldn't do it as it's already been sold and shipped. Was hoping to get photos of the lid.
  2. Unfortunately didn't call to request for additional photographs prior to the sale, but thought this was interesting. I'm not ruling out that replacements marked their lids. The gentleman I spoke to over the phone at RIA informed me that the shell did have the same tac marking as the liner. The paint, shape, size, and stencil all are the exact same as the helmet that started this thread that Jeremy had. It's definitely a 2 and not an upside down five. This is the first time I've ever seen that stencil of a 2 outside of this thread's helmet. Here's pics of the screen caps, but there was a marked
  3. Wonder if by exhaustion they meant combat fatigue in the sense that he started exhibiting aspects of PTSD? I know they didn't use that term back then, but I have seen where it was referred to as such. I like the hand made mini patch on the cap. Reminds me of a hand made full size one that I picked up within the last year.
  4. There was an unofficial Unit History that was made. The patch looks like a typical US made flash.
  5. This is a pretty great idea for a show. I wish more museums would be open to hosting events like this.
  6. Another good analysis. No movie is 100% accurate or perfect. I'm amazed at some of the details this one has got correct that are often overlooked.
  7. Posting from mobile, so sorry in advance of the link doesn’t work. Trailer dropped today. My thoughts: 1. Uniforms, equipment, and costuming look great from what I can tell. 2. Don’t know about the CGI yet. I will say I like the CGI models as they appear to be the correct ships and planes for the battle. The planes appear a bit floaty and unrealistic. People are complaining about all the AA from the ships, but I think it looks pretty close to footage I've seen of Kamikaze attacks in the Philippine Sea and off Okinawa. Gunners in ships pretty much threw everything up at enemy pla
  8. So the Waffen SS are behind the origins of the buttonhole covers? Must have been their designs the USMC stole in an OSS raid or some such. Had to have been Peter J. Ortiz.
  9. George.... George... Aha George S. Patton!
  10. Looking at that 3993 photo it appears to me that there is a coat of paint under the last four numbers, which could also mean that it was given a new tail number at some point, too.
  11. Did Bong's 38 come back stateside on a war bonds tour? I know there's a Lightning with Bong's paint scheme on it, and if it's his original it may account for the discrepancy. I'd assume it's similar to the Memphis Belle and her combat and war bond tour livery differences.
  12. Any thoughts on where the green felt material was sourced from to make these field made stripes? The earliest ones I've seen depicted in the thread were from combat coats in January 1945. The color of these stripes reminds me of the bottleneck green collars that the Germans preferred on their field tunics. Any chance a lot of these stripes could be the same if not similar material sourced in Germany as Allied Forces occupied the country in 1945?
  13. I was thinking about that the other day since I've got an M5 set up back home in storage. Thanks for the topic and advice! Ken, what's the date and story on that picture? That's the first time I've seen a UL marked bag in a period photo.
  14. My God that's far more than I saw from the instagram photos. I initially said you could outfit a platoon, but you may be able to equip a battalion with that amount! Are the dueling pistols on the counter the go to method for price negotiation on store merchandise? If so, how many paces are we talking?
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