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    I have been interested mainly into military history, collecting, and some selling. You have to sell some things to buy others or upgrades. I have been doing this for 25 years. It is great to see younger militaria and history enthusiests.
  1. I want to thank all of you that posted all of these pictures of many of our women heroes. America and its allies could not have won the war with out their determination to keep us supplied for such a long war on two fronts. The reason I started this thread was because my grandmother didn't brag but was very proud of what she did. They needed to be recognized. When I had retired I took a part time job at the Akron Canton airport. I did a lot of wheel chairs, and luggage coming off from the planes and on them. An elderly lady that I had escorted through security and to her flight brought up her involvement during the war. She gleamed as I was telling people that I was helping a Rosie the Riveter. Many didn't know what that was. When I took her to her plane, I told the pilots and stewardesses that she was a Rosie The Riveter and the pilot announced it over the intercom. From the ramp I had heard a huge applaud and cheers. It was so cool. I wished I could have seen her face then. Being a veteran, I know how important it is to have good equipment and most was hand made with tender loving care. Too bad we do not have any more team work like this in our country today since everything is made in other countries.
  2. This flak helmet was sold with a WW2 Italian army decal. I think there needs to be a better study as to why the decals and a swas are on some of these helmets. The ones I have seen looks like they have been used a great deal. I have questions about the surplus theory?
  3. I think this helmet is help in changing the theory of some that it was a surplus knock off to enhance the value. That helmet makes me think it is a very likely a combat used M3 and the swas indicate something else. I like it.
  4. More of this type of Flak helmets may come to surface? The swastika painted onto it almost in the same location as some that have one on the ear flaps brings to mind why they had swas decals. Some think tht they were put on at aurplus stotes to enhance sales. Maybe this could be a break though to explain that. Nice one of a kind helmet bring home. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I am the seller. I think this helmet has been through enough scrutiny with jealousy in mind. No, it has not been for sale on some site called Jkash. I don't even know who that is. I know where this helmet came from it is as good as any I have seen on this forum. I have a good reputation with what I sell. I will guarantee this helmet to pass the x ray or chemical test if needed. I was coming on this forum to see if anyone is interested in this helmet so I can bypass eBay charges. I had just sold a very nice rare expensive helmet to a regular you know on this forum and he is perfectly happy with it. So buy it on eBay or make me a good offer. Thanks for all of your expertise. Bill
  6. Was told it was hit by some shrapnel at the top. There is a faint sign of a stripe at the front. What does the forum think about the stripe? Thanks in advance.
  7. A couple of weeks ago I picked this one up. Identified. Thought I would share it with the forum?
  8. I agree with what you are saying pal. I had noticed a conversation about one that had a red band around it on this forum. I thought I would post this one to keep the discussion going. Maybe someday someone will find one in a war photo painted red. I am sure there will be more out there that would be interested in painted ones like this. This is a discussion forum and I do appreciate your response. Thanks Bill
  9. Any more thoughts? Since there is a spot of dark blue on the dome, could this helmet have had a splatter while other helmets were painted for shore duty? Just a thought?
  10. Fixed bail front seam. I had noticed a discussion on this forum about a helmet with a similar stripe of red. I have had this one for a while. Notice the small spot on top of grey blue. Be patient on my pictures. I am an old guy and am having a hard time sizing on this site. I do appreciate all opinions. This forum has a lot of expertise and I respect that. I am sorry about the USN helmet I had posted a few days ago. I am having a hard time parting with it right now. Thanks in advance. Bill
  11. Good morning. I pulled the helmet from bay with one day left because I had listed it twice with no bids. I did have offers. For many, eBay is a bad word for buying rare relics. I know that many of us sell militaria that we would love to keep, like this helmet. For many a chance in a life time helmet. My biggest interest is in Civil War images. I cannot collect everything. I know many of us that cannot. This helmet is still for sale. I was thinking about waiting to take it to the Ohio Military show next month so one can get a hands on look at it. I paid good money for it. I will relist it again and see what happens. If one is interested in it while on bay, make me an offer that I will be satisfied with and I will change the auction to a buy it now. If no bids, I will have it at the military show next month. I do appreciate this forum and its members and all of the expertise that comes with it. Bill
  12. Thanks again for the help cropping and posting for me. Just a thought, could the change in color on the left front brim be caused from the soldier grabbing it there to remove and replace it on his head causing a chemical reaction? I do not see varnish. Could someone point it out to me? Is any of you are g to the Ohio Valley military show on the 16th? If this helmet doesn't sell. It will be there for any one to see and buy. I want to thank all of you for your thoughts and opinions. I still would like to hear from more of you on this helmet. Bill
  13. What do I know? Does the blue band get applied first before the white? From what I see rust has bled through the green and changed the tone of the white above the blue. The blue had preserved the dexterity of the white at the line where it starts to cover the blue. The yellow on the stainless only is on about 10% of the brim. I am trying to get these new pics down loaded for your viewing. It looks like I will have to put these new pics on the auction. maybe the gentleman that did the transferring before will help again? Thanks
  14. I was busy working on my honey do list. I will get some day light pics tomorrow. Just to answer a couple of questions on here. I want to let this helmet sell itself. That is why I didn't post the sellers name. I do not see any shellac any where. I do respect all thoughts. a few months I had sold a Pickelhaube skull and bones Peninsula for 6500.00. I had many offers and lots of opinions. The buyer was from Belgium. I gave him a return policy with no questions asked. He left me a super feedback and a huge thank you. All I am asking is that I get good opinions and reasons for them. If it isn't any good, I will tuck my tail between my legs and move on. I cannot answer why there is yellow at the brim but it isn't shellac. I had first look at this helmet while others were looking on. No one had a chance to buy it before I inspected it. There are some blue finger prints inside the shell. Maybe I can get them checked out? I will try and get some better pictures and size them to post on here. I do respect the expertise that is offered on here.
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