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  1. sorry i have not added pictures yet i have some problem with my camera.
  2. i got the group i will take some pictures and try to put them tomorrow.thanks for all the reply's.
  3. the group has a picture of the vet getting the DSC it has letters from the vet talking about getting the DSC and it has a frame with all his medals with a plaque with his name it has his coffin flag and several other letters from the field to his sweetheart.I have do problem with him getting the medal i just wanted to make sure the medal in the frame is correct for ww2.
  4. thank you for your quick reply to my DSC question.
  5. Hello all. I have a chance to buy a DSC group from a local collector.The DSC is not numbered.Can some one with knowledge tell me if it should be.
  6. can you tell me are all ww2 DSC's numbered.Thanks
  7. Thanks both you guys I had a bad feeling my self.I love this forum can't begin to tell you how much money I have saved over the years ,and how much I have learned......Dennis
  8. Hello guys I would like some help with two Ranger scrolls I have a chance to buy.The scrolls I am told are theater made.One for the 2nd and one for the 3rd. Can someone please tell me if they are WWII and are they theater made and what country are they made if you know.THANKS FOR ANY HELP DENNIS
  9. That's the first time i heard it's British made.Do you have one you can post a picture of for comparison......Dennis
  10. This is the 29th RANGERS scroll I asked about in an earlier post.As promised better pictures for your comments.Thanks for looking and commenting................Dennis After looking and holding this patch I am even more convinced it's 100% WWII issued.
  11. Bob could we see a picture of your patch for comparison...Dennis
  12. Great feedback.I cant wait to get this patch in my possession so I can feel and smell it ,you can always tell the good ones when it's in hand .I am a WWII ranger collector and have bin looking for one of the 29th ranger tabs for a long time.I will not be asking for a refund "with all do respect to Mort".I'll bet when I get this patch it will look a bit different in better lighting.I will post some better pictures when it arrives.Thanks for all the help. I loved reading all the comments.....Dennis
  13. Mort I think I see what your saying.Did they have more than one variation of this patch.The back looks good it has that black backing like you would want to see, The front looks very close. The only difference I see is in the color and that might be in the photo or lighting.I value your opinion Mort and would like to learn as much as I can....Thanks Dennis
  14. I want to thank everyone for all the replies.No I have not always had this patch as a mater of fact I just bought it and it's not in my possession yet..I feel real good about this patch even though it's not just like some of the others I have seen.This patch has some age on it and i am sure that has changed the appearance some what.All in all I feel it's a great WW2 original piece.....thanks Dennis
  15. what do you guys think of this patch.I think it real WW2 but would like confirmation.Thanks for any help....Dennis
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