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  1. Hello all I just picked this c.WW1 Off white on white Chief Master at Arms rating. I do not know anything about this style. Is it good? Thanks George
  2. Just a note Bluejacket, I was wrong on the 1918 GC it is 2mm - US Mint piece. Note: checking die differences. dates:1903, 1915, 1918, 1929, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1936. All 2mm US Mint. These have well defined square gun ports on the Constitution. The rope boarder around the ship is well defined and uniform. Date: 1914 contract piece is 3mm. The gun ports on the Constitution are round shaped. The rope boarder is not uniform. Dates: 1921 (2), 1923 contract pieces are 2.5mm and 2.6mm. The gun ports on the Constitution are round shaped. The rope boarder is not uniform.
  3. Thanks Bluejacket - I went through Lane's paperwork. His 1914 discharge said Badge ordered. Two documents for 1918 list him as recommended for the Good Conduct Medal. Note he did not get a GC Bar for 1918 (marks not high enough). So you are probably correct. I also have a 1918 dated GC that is 3mm thick. George
  4. Wow guys some really nice medals. Thanks Captain Albert
  5. Thanks - for the information. I did not know that. I will watch for the book. Captain Albert
  6. Question - I have noticed that there are a number of thicknesses for the Good Conduct Medals: 1903 = 2mm 1914 = 3mm 1915 = 2mm 1921 = 2.6mm 1923 = 2.5mm 1929 = 2mm 1932 = 2mm 1933 = 2mm 1934 = 2mm 1936 = 2mm Does anyone know why since these were all made by the US Mint?
  7. I picked up this China Medal - and it is smaller, cruder, and appears plated. Any ideas as to when and where made? Thanks
  8. I served a short spell on the USS Gallant MSO-489 (Ocean Going Mine Sweeper) in 1973-74 just before she was sent to Japan, and finally to the Philippine Navy. Here is a picture of her. She was a 173' wood and brass boat. Captain Albert
  9. The latest group. To Water Tender 1st Class William Paul Wehman. I beieve he served (1917-1920, & 1920-1924). Needs research yet. Navy straight bar suspension NGC – Engraved named “C.S.C. / 51417 / WM. PAUL / WEHMAN / U.S. TORPEDO / STA. NEWPORT / R.I. / 27 APR 1923” WW1 Victory Medal (no bar), WW1 New Jersey Service Medal engraved named “Wm. Paul Wehman” running script. Ribbons on NGC and NJ WW1 Medals badly frayed. This information came with the group: William Paul Wehman born 10 July 1891 in New Jersey served in WWI; he re-enlisted in April 1920 and was serving aboard the USS McKean D
  10. Thanks for your information, I've always wondered if these were meant to be used on the real early Navy Good Conducts, or Marine Corps Good Conducts. What ever they are, they are nicely made and interesting, as you said. I really like your 1933 NGC medal. Cheers Captain Albert
  11. Thanks 67rally - Maybe some one will know. Captain Albert
  12. This is more of a question than just a reply. I recently picked up these two US medals on ebay. I think the Navy Good Conduct maybe a copy, but I have not seen a top suspension bar like this before (it looks like the extra award pins)? The other medal is an American Defense Medal, medal looks ok, but the ribbon looks like the old ribbon bar type design? Also the suspension does not look right. Any thoughts Please. Thnaks.
  13. Wow, that is one great group, I love the Navy Expeditionary medal, and the outstanding Good Conduct medal. Captain Albert
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