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  1. Interesting - the Army paperwork says he was with D Company, but the veteran database says it was L Company, as does the 85th Combat record. Unusual... 1st Bn was in reserve for this action on the day he was killed. I show he was a late arrival to the Division (Camp Swift TX just before deployment) and he was killed on hill 913 Castel D'Aiano, same place and day that Senator, 1Lt (now COL) Robert Dole was wounded. Co L was hit with heavy artillery - this may be where he was killed
  2. Very similar to 10th Mtn, but that Serial No (laundry mark) does not add up to anyone in the 10th in Italy. Closest is a Major Levitt, ASN O-361235 Close but no cigar. They also (usually) stenciled the full ASN across the crown of the liner (front to rear)
  3. It looks like a "discharge" jacket with the duck, but the tab was required at time of discharge if WWII. Ribbon bar is wrong for WWII - (I'm reaching here) maybe a discharge in the early 1950s when the 10th Inf Div was at Ft Riley? Is there a laundry mark? Maybe a search that way can eliminate a WW2 10th guy...
  4. I have a couple of these unit-marked crossed skis. Some in Sterling - a few others in German Silver.
  5. I may be able to help. I sent Sepp a digital copy of the QM catalog, and may have more info in my files. Also contact Keli Schmid @ Denver Public Library, as she has copies of the Columbia Ice Fields equipment and uniform test reports. That my help.
  6. possibly a 1950's or 60's pc, but nicely done.
  7. I work with SDC and the 10th Mountain veterans. Warren's ASN is 37205221 and I show he was a T-4 assigned to HQ, Division Artillery and to the Mountain Training Center's artillery unit. He served at Camp Hale, Camp Swift and in combat in Italy. The Bronze Star was awarded for his participation in the Apennines & Po River campaign. I did not find his name in the draft registration records, but I show he was from Geary, OK later in life - maybe that was where he was from originally. For more detailed info, Contact Denver Public Library- ask for Keli Schmid. She keeps our archive
  8. would you be willing to post dimensions? I'd like to make one for demonstration purposes, and I've never seen one offered for sale.
  9. No white canteen covers with 10th Mountain - it went on the pack under a white pack cover if camo was needed. I'd vote repop cover & original canteen
  10. I know that the Army Air Force had a forward observer and photo interp team assigned to 10th Mountain in Italy - call sign "Rover Joe". Have been told by Cpt with HQ Company that "Rover Joe" was 4 O's and 4 EM that did BDAs etc. He also indicated that many of the maps with German positions marked came up from IV Corps already marked. From a WO assigned to HQ, he says they marked maps, tracked everyone's positions, ordered & distributed rations and ammo, rotated units into and out of line, and all of the boring bits that keep a Division fed, supplied and pointed the right direction.
  11. Outstanding - can you link a photo so I can update my records?
  12. Interesting. The webbing looks Canadian or post-war Europe, and the finish looks painted (most of the test gear was aluminum or blackened brass). 10th Mountain tried lots of different gear, but I find nothing like this in the reports on the equipment trials or in the photos. I'd suspect it's intended for something else, or a post-war creation. just my guess...
  13. Confirming the only known unit to do the 3 square Geneva crosses was the Medical Bn @ 10th Mountain. Line medics used 2 or 4 round panels.
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