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  1. WW2 era with what appears to be his laundry marking.
  2. Hendrikx, P., De Trez, M. (2017), Burning Bridges, Volume 1. D-Day Publishing.
  3. According to "Burning Bridges" Vol. 1 officers of H/504 wore the American Red Cross Clubmobile patch for Holland.
  4. camopara


    Slightly different marking on a Gemsco wing, marked NYC
  5. Just wanted to add the variation that is not marked STG SIL
  6. Slightly different Norsid hallmark. NYC instead of NY and sterling marked. Still has the bite out of the wing though...
  7. Absolutely awesome! Question for Allan: I have not seen the big round base for the catch on a BB&B wing before. Early? Variation?
  8. Hey Kurt, My sister just told me that we met him one time in Worthington, ten years ago or so. Back when Worthington had a mall I guess we brought the kids over to pet the animals. Who'd a thunk it?!
  9. I work in that area fairly regularly, so have stopped by there several times. Cool video.
  10. Nope. From what I hear it's not worth the drive or admission.
  11. If you can find them, the company name is normally a bad strike. Nice wing!
  12. This type of oval can also be found in red.
  13. These three came from a 511th Signal group. I will agree with Allan, in that these are more of a 'generic' oval as I have seen them in 511th and 187th groups.
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