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  1. Hi. There is a discussion on another board about legends of the Challenge coins. Seems hard to prove that they actually existed before 1980. Personally, with extensive experience in clubs and HQs, and traveling with a Medal of Honor recipient, I never saw or heard of them in the 1950s. There is extensive info about them available, BUT did any of you actually know of any prior-to-1980 existance of them? Dave
  2. Hi. Not sure if this compass is an aircraft compass or not, but would like to ID it. The name plate is missing off the top. It is a vertical card, lighted 3" dial. Thanks in advance for looking. Dave
  3. The Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) is a United States Department of Defense sponsored program, established as a separately managed and operated program by the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The program consists of licensed amateur radio operators who are interested in military communications on a local, national, and international basis as an adjunct to normal communications.
  4. I can't imagine that the soldier in the center of the pic wouldn't have his hand out to shake the General's. Ike's hand appears to be welcoming a handshake!
  5. Hi. Thanks for looking. Can anyone ID this General?
  6. Thanks, siege.... Now if we can get the same type of info from Indiana, we can either solve it, or move on to other clues. I am going to review all the old Indianapolis postcards on ebay and see if they help. Dave
  7. Thanks! I tell the owner to ask those 2 historical societies. Would sure be interesting to know exactly what unit(s) and commanders are there.
  8. This photo was posted on the ebay historical memorabilia board. The additional info given there was "This photo shows a rather large parade through the main street of a small city. There is a Kress store, There is a small sign under the Kress sign which reads "Knights of Columbus", the billboard above the Kress building is an ad for "French Market Coffee", there is a sign on the building on the foreground "Camp Activities", other signs: "Quick Lunch", "Southern", "Coleman", "Capital National Bank", "W.A. HAY CIGARS". Neat signs but a bit generic. So, Where is this. I expect the "captal
  9. This photo fascinates me. Looks like WW1 era and looks like a massive parade. Seem to be 30 wide and 1/2 mile long. Thousands of troops? Anyone know anything about the photo? thanks for looking.
  10. I don't promote all the site says in that piece, but just linked to it for the legend story, nothing more.
  11. The legend is not true. A good article on it is here Snopes about the last bullet
  12. This appears to be an old military base or prison, decommissioned. Can anyone ID it, if was a base? Thanks very much for looking. Dave
  13. This array will take a while to download, but then all the cards will be viewable. Got at a sale Saturday and probably paid too much, but they are fascinating. http://mysite.verizon.net/radiogremlin/wwiall.html
  14. The 1st WAC co. , and the Farragut Naval Training Station may be the scarcest here.
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