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  1. Has anyone see one of these for sale? Or, is there anyone out there that has one of these in his collection?
  2. No insignia is worn on the Air Force "patrol cap." Your "patrol cap" is correct the way it is without rank insignia. I don't know why the air force does it this way, maybe because the rank on the sleeve is so big and obvious. George in Jonesboro, GA
  3. They don't have to turn in uniform items that have touched their skin. I also have been collecting OIF/OEF uniforms and equipment. I just contacted the Research Development and Engineer Center in Natick, MA to get the correct contract number for the issue multi-cam. This way I can tell the difference between a commerical and the official issue. The government contract number is on the tag on the inside of the uniform. This uniform differs a little from the ACU, one thing is that the velcro on the leg pockets has been replaced by buttons.
  4. This will be my fourth SOS. There is nothing like it on earth. One of my main goals is to finally find Bob Chatt at his Vintage Productions tables.
  5. OEF Collector, have you seen any of the issue Operation Enduring Freedom Combat Uniforms in Multi-cam come back from Afghanistan yet?
  6. Many thanks Wailuna. I thought that September 1950 was too early.
  7. Ian, I agree with you. What I would like to know is, ?when was the 2nd Award actually authorized? ?Does anyone know when the 2nd Award was first given? One thought, in the case of the old Colonel, could a 2nd Award have be awarded retroactive for WWI and WWII?
  8. Turner Classic Movies showed the Korean War classic "Men in War" this past week. It is one of my favorite war movies. I noticed something I had not payed attention to before, Lt Benson played by Robert Ryan and the Colonel played by Robert Keith are both wearing Combat Infantryman Badges with the second award star. ?Is this possible for September 1950, the time period depicted in the movie?
  9. One thing that I can add; I have a friend at work that was in Desert Storm. He told me that he was issued both the chocolate chip cookie DCUs and the three color camouflage together. I am pretty sure he told me that he got them when he was deployed in Theater. I was surprised to learn this because I had assumed that only the chocolate chip cookie DCU were issued. George
  10. What catches my eye about the uniform is the branch insignia he is wearing under the "US" insignia. Don't think they are infantry crossed rifles. Maybe crossed quills. Anyone have a better idea what the branch insignia are?
  11. Ian, I used these type tubes when I was training in 1970. As far as I know, they are Viet Nam period. George
  12. This group of collar and rank insignia belonged to COL Thomas Bennet Bartel. This lot was sold on ebay in December 2008 and was part of a larger estate sold by COL Bartel's daughter. As far as I know, these were the only military items sold. The provenance of this lot was not identified in the ebay description. However, after I won it, the daughter gave the auction company permission to identify the name of her father. COL Bartel was a graduate of the West Point Class of 1936. He was in the 6th Cavalry in Fort Oglethorpe 1939-1940. Commanded the 34th Tank Battalion 1944 and was wounded
  13. This system of using the first letter of the last name and the the last four numbers of the SSN is part of the Battle Roster Number system. The Battle Roster Number can be arranged differently depending on the Brigade Standard Operating Procedures. What appears in the uniforms is an abbreviated Battle Roster Number, there are more letters to the Battle Roster Number before the SSN numbers than just the initial of the last name. Usually it is correct that this letter is the soldiers initial of his last name, usually. The letter before the last four of the SSN could be the initial of the so
  14. I will be there also. This will be my third show. I saw collectors at the SOS that I had not seen for twenty five years. Got to meet new collectors. And it is just not people from the US, The whole world of militaria collecting comes. There are collectors there from Germany, Russia, England and Holland. The Show brochure is like a Who's Who of collecting.
  15. Ian, looks like of the ACU cover fit your helmet perfectly, did you get it wet to fit that well? George
  16. Jon, do you know what unit the DUI/Crest are for? George
  17. I like this movie. I had to watch it a couple of times, but I liked it. The accuracy of the uniforms and equipment is great. The squad size attack on the Japanese hill top position is really well done. At first I was skeptical that a squad of ten or so men could successfully take a hill position like this, but I think it is historically accurate and possible. Nick Nolte gives a powerful performance as the colonel that is more concerned about furthering his career at the expense of his men.
  18. Ian, there is/was a commercial ACU helmet cover made for the helmet. However, it is not official. So far as I know, they were avaliable at Army clothing stores on Bases, but were never issued. Soldiers could by them with their own money. I saw them being worn by the Ranger school students when they come to my base to load aircraft for the jump into Florida. At this time the Ranger school did not use the new ACH. A couple of years ago, I called the Fort MacPherson clothing sales store and was told by the employee at the store they had them for sale there. I don't think they are sold any
  19. One interesting thing to notice on CPT Larson's dcu is the use of the small US Flag on the lower left sleeve under the SSI. This was done because the 173rd was stationed in Italy and, so far as I know, NATO or Statue of Forces agreements required this flag to be worn. This is a much smaller flag than the one currently worn on the right sleeve.
  20. Philip, you might be right, I have to research where the Propper factories are. I know for sure the main factories are in Puerto Rico, and I think they also have one in the Dominican Republic too.
  21. Thank you for posting the pictures. I got to visit the museum in 1998. I took a German friend that traveled here to the States. We made special arrangements and ask to see the Prussian Needle Guns at the Museum. The museum staff organized a special viewing the their Needle Guns in the upper floor storage area.
  22. This is an interesting jacket, but what is it exactly? Is it Viet Nam period? George
  23. I have been a serious collector of OIF uniforms since 2004. I provenance the unifoms I get. That is, I obtain them directly from the soldiers that wore them, than I record what unit they were in and when they deployed. I always ask for a photograh of them wearing the uniform in Iraq. Sometimes, they will tell me their stories about their experiences which I also record. For example, I have a set of DCU worn by a LT during the battle in Fallujah in Nov 2004, complete with a photograph of him wearing it on his Bradley. This is not only true of DCU but also ACU. One of the first units to
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