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    US military medals and badges, wings, helicopters, VIET - NAM War
  1. Well what a gentlemen? Zero info? Nobody knows anything? Tell you something? Please - Jack
  2. Colleagues ... please help. When, who from my Polish Army worked with HSC - 5. You write me anything about this patch. I greet you all with the HSC - 5. Jack
  3. This is not something older. Sample? The trial cast? Intermediate?
  4. Colleagues, no one can help me? I had not seen anything like this ... what it is ...
  5. They hit me a chance and I do not know what to think about them.
  6. Croc, where they inform. Help me ... That should be right. Many thanks for your reply. Jacek
  7. This is a gift for 233000 landing on the aircraft carrier, That's right - in 1973 the aircraft carrier CV 42 was included 180,000 landings. This particular 233 thousand landing of the aircraft carrier made a concrete pilot - Lt. J.K. Scott. I suppose that it belonged to Carrier Air Wing 6. How can I find it? Jack
  8. Ladies and gentlemen, I ask for your help. I have zippo from 1983 in my collection . This is a gift from the commander of an aircraft carrier to pilot, who has done 233 000 landing. I'd like to know from which the squadron was the pilot and the plane which flew. Might be able to get in contact with him? Thanks in advance - Jack
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