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    WWII field kitchens, Quartermaster supply, crates, cartons, subsistence.
  1. Hello guys- Our living history group, the Tri-State Living History Association, finally put together a video of one of our field kitchens. We hope to produce several more kitchen videos. www.tslha.org Tab
  2. I've scene nothing in any my QM mess research that indicated any painting of mermite insetrts or any food serving items minus the M-1937 field range. Inserts I've viewed or owned were aluminum or tin plated. Like Brian stated, not a good mix. Retinning is the best option.
  3. The green QM corner mark paint is WWII shipping indicator for QM subsistence/supply items. Awesome condition. Very nice.
  4. I've got a spec drawing somewhere and will see if I can scan it at work this week. PM me or send me an email. More than happy to share. A buddy of mine have a sheet metal guy reproduce it for him. If memory serves me right it cost around $150 but was constructed of a heavy gauge metal. If I can't scan it, I can at least take digital pictures of it for anybody interested. I need to get one made for my tent but have not gotten around to it yet. The actual design is a four-sided pyramid, like the tent. The top of the pyramid is flat with a hole in the center where it is attached onto
  5. I have never seen these in any reference materials or QM catalog that I have read and must be civilian. I have seen some marked by Wear-Ever.
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