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  1. I just acquired some Vietnam items from a friend who served in VN in 1966. Among his medals were this trio fitted with French style pins. Also, the Vietnam Campaign Medal has no date scroll and the matching ribbon bar does not have one either. Is there an explanation? Or is this just a variation?
  2. I know the minute I part with it I'll find a photo of a field shower in France or a decontamination unit showing this contraption.
  3. Here's one I've had for decades.
  4. Yes, you can see the holes in the second photo. They go all the way around and are tightly spaced. Even the connector has holes.
  5. Right! Thanks for correcting the typo. I'm curious if there are other camo or unit marked experimental helmets out there.
  6. Here's something you don't see every day, a WW1 helmet conversion to a shower head. This is a very well made contraption with a metal pipe system mounted around the brim circumference and over the top. Brim pipe is pierced along its entirety to allow shower effect. Rework is very old and I've owned this for 30 years or so. Could it be a trench shower? Decontamination rig? Or a farmer's watering device? Anyone ever see something similar?
  7. Still looking for information on this helmet...like an official designation, if it had one. I have seen a variant with what appears to be a thicker cross padding on the top, I resume it is a later version.
  8. Does anyone have any history of this model Spalding Helmet?
  9. reverse of photo that mentions forced landing in Jolly Tx as noted in Pilot's book
  10. entry with forced landing that is captured in the aircraft image above
  11. A couple of aerial photographer postcards...
  12. Also included in the group is this rare list of pilots. Interestingly, it is arranged by state. This actually makes research a little easier if one is trying to attribute material to a particular pilot based on the location where it is found. Although it certainly is not always the case, often groupings are found in the state where the pilot was from. The document consists of thousands of officers listed in over 170 single spaced pages of typed entries with names, ranks, etc.
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