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  1. The CMP has just started selling oilers for the M1 carbine at very reasonable prices, this got me thinking. I've found very little information on oilers and a lot of it is contradictory. How do you tell real USGI oilers from reproductions? I remember being told USGI oilers were made with a leather gasket in the top, not a rubber o-ring. Also, how do you tell WWII oilers from post-war? Is there a reliable list of manufacturer markings like you can find for carbine magazines? I see a lot of new looking oilers with rubber o-rings marked IS at gun shows and online. I assume these are reproductions of genuine International Silver oilers. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the info and story! Glad you enjoyed seeing it. It makes sense it wasn't an authorized uniform piece because it definately looks homemade. I just wasn't completely sure becasue I have seen pictures where guys would wear the regiment insignia on dress jacket collars and on the overseas cap etc.
  3. Hi guys, this is my first post after my introduction post. I am researching my grandfather's WWII service and decided to start with this item because I thought it was a little unique. It was given to me after his death. It appears to be a belt buckle for a web belt. The 124th Infantry DUI and .30-06 bullet halves look to added on by hand (soldered or brazed I guess). My feeling is that this was a homemade item my grandfather made for himself. Has anyone seen anything like this? I am wondering if this possibly was an issued item for his unit. Thanks!
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