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  1. Hello, I am just about to finish WWII M2-2 restoration project for display and realized the top cherry on cake should be the right data plate, which is supposed to be attached on the left tank. I believe my tank has been produced by E.C. Brown as it has rounded tops unlike flattened ones by Beattie. Would you have any picture of the E.C. Brown data plate for M2-2 flamethrower tank, please? Or any idea, what is the correct wording there? any help appreciated thanks, Mirek
  2. Guys, I have both style of hangers - hook & short chain with leather frog for Sam Browne belt - Artillery bullion with brass hook and 2 long straps I fully understand how to wear and execute drill with the Sam Browne style. However I am lost with the bullion one. The straps seem too long for unhooked sword wearing and once hooked up with both straps still attached to sheath, it looks too awkwardly. Next to that, I have officers M1938 dress blue tunic with vertical slot at left waist, which seems to be used for sword wearing somehow. No idea, how to use 2 straps hanger + sword +
  3. mireks

    Life Rafts

    Poland? no, a little bit more south and west
  4. mireks

    Life Rafts

    Dustin, you are right about the contracts. As for their completeness, the AC-390 is empty, one Hood contains raft second one has complete accessories. C-2 is (was) complete too, however I was too curious and pulled the raft out. Quite bitter lesson, can not get it back...
  5. Dustin, were these kits assembled with A-1 folding machete eventually? Or perhaps better question would be, when the A-1 machete has been introduced and what survival kit it was intended for? thanks Mirek
  6. mireks

    Life Rafts

    and reverse sides
  7. mireks

    Life Rafts

    OK, there are my raft cases
  8. mireks

    Life Rafts

    Dastin, thank you. As usually, I am still curious about your almost unlimited information resources...
  9. Larry, thanks for your explanation. However it means, the oxygen mask harness should be modified with small male snaps, right? Mirek
  10. mireks

    Life Rafts

    Hello Dustin, I have a couple of AN-R-2a rafts and cases, however none of them is 100% complete. There is usually missing first aid kit, which I have no clue, how it should looks like. I can not find any reference about it. Can you share list of its content, please? Or can you share photo of it, if it was some special container? thanks Mirek
  11. if you want to get more info using facebook use this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/czechfury/?pnref=story
  12. We have got confirmed these vehicles: 2 x M4 Sherman tank (plus others joining for Pilsen) 2 x M24 Chaffee 4 x M5 Stuart 7 x M8 Armored car 7 x Half Tracks (and we’re still after 3 more) 24 x jeeps 10 x Harleys 5 X GMCs including Field Kitchen 2x Dodge + about 200 top class reenactors As for german units, their strength and is not disclosed still. We need to rely on intelligence in theater of operation
  13. Hello, I have a couple of V-discs and looking for list of all issued records. Does anyone have such list with shown disc number, artist + titles and date of issue? thanks Mirek
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