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  1. I came here for opinions and I’m glad to get honest ones. It just didn’t seem right for a USN/USMC PH. Thanks!
  2. Many thanks for your opinion, Dave. This is a head scratcher for sure and the wear shows it really meant something to the veteran!
  3. My father has had this PH in his collection for many years and recently gave it to me. He never researched the name so I did and found a couple of possibilities. It appears to be a 1945 U.S. Mint type-II Naval Purple Heart. The engraving, which is faded from wear, is not the typical USN or USMC engraving style. I did find a couple of WWII possibilities. One was an individual in the Navy that served as a POW for 4 years in Japan. The other is a Marine that was in several major battles in the Pacific. I could not find any info that stated either one received the Purple Heart and may have to wait until NPRC in St Louis reopens. My question is has anyone seen this type of engraving on a USN/USMC PH?
  4. Looks like MSgt Lyle E. White earned a PH as he was wounded by machine gun during the Argonne offensive in WW1. Here is the article I found from 8/21/46 edition of the Daily Press (Newport News, VA):
  5. KASTAUFFER, Thanks for the info. When I bought it, the thought was that he was Ambulance Service, but this confirms it. Kevin
  6. Thanks for sharing a pic of your PH that is so close in number to the one I posted. I agree, whether it is labeled as an award of merit, it should be!
  7. Thanks to you guys for the explanation of receiving the PH for meritous acts, and not strictly for being wounded.
  8. Thanks for the clarification for MSCC. So #100 was awarded for wounds in the Philippines. I think the low number of mine was why Bodes was thinking #182 may have been awarded earlier than WW1. Good info! No worries about hijacking my post. This is exactly what I wanted to see-examples of low number PH's. What a rarity to have two Purple Hearts named to the same individual from two different wars, with one an ultra low number and the other a KIA Colonel. Fantastic group you have there!
  9. Yes, he was Ambulance Service. What does MSCC stand for?
  10. Thanks, Bill! Also, very impressive. Would love to see a pic of #24 if you have one. Kevin
  11. Mr. Robert, That's impressive! I know MacArthur received number 1, but was there any rhyme or reason why numbers were assigned or was it first come first serve? Kevin
  12. Bodes, I have an article in his local newspaper from 21 Feb 1919 as being "slightly wounded" so feel confident that this was awarded for WWI. Also, his WWI Victory Medal was part of the group. Kevin
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