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  1. I know. I watched different news channels all day waiting to hear someone mention it...nothing. Absolutely shameful!
  2. What about black lighting the paint, would that help?
  3. Finding a shooting range in this country is as easy as finding a Pub in the UK. They're everywhere!
  4. I like the British practice of "Lights out". From 10 PM to 11 PM, they shut their lights off and just leave a single candle burning. What a class act! So very respectful and just a great way to remember all of their young men that served. Nice touch UK.
  5. Costa, "Here in the US we can't have that"...really? You can have one, even fully automatic if you get your FFA $200.00 stamp from the Feds, or have a class 3 FFL.
  6. Hoovie, I agree. Like I said in another thread on this subject, as someone who never served in the military, I am not worthy to even try on a helmet or a pair of boots that these men wore. But, that's just me. I wouldn't hold anyone else to that standard. Steve.
  7. Awesome...just awesome! Mr. Barrell, you sir are one in a million to take on such a project. Without men like you, this would be a much sadder and boring world. I'd like to meet you in the Pub of your choosing and buy you a dozen or so pints just to pick your brain.
  8. Very nice Kat. It looks professional, like something you would go out and buy. Even the cat admires your work!
  9. Thanks so much Ken for the work you are doing for our boys. The kindness of your actions and the respect that you show these men brings a tear to my eyes. Glad to hear you're feeling better and will be back in action soon! Steve.
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