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  1. This pic of captured American soldiers seems to have one guy with a cover.....
  2. Hi, does anyone know which german Divisions faced the 80th in their advance on the 1st-10th of November 1918? Thanks Chris
  3. Hi, I picked up this WW1 helmet with a red star on the front and the back... Anyone have an Idea what it could be? thanks Chris
  4. I am happy, proud and relieved to finally get the article done for the silver star group to William Folsom :-)))) http://www.kaiserscross.com/257543/284222.html
  5. Hi, do they usually aslo have a Divisional badge? I have one with just the diamond as well. Best Chris
  6. Its not American, but my biggest group is to a German navy doctor from WW2. I ended up with his medals, documents, papers, Photos, jacket, dagger, granddaughter, car and house. I sold the car, and unfortunately the mother in law is still in the house... but when she is gone I promise to stop splitting the group!
  7. wadidItellya? took a bit longer than I thought, but I finally did get there! :-)
  8. Indded. Totally unrelated.... or is it? Guy lies to a girl on a date... and gets 18 months for claiming ... well... just read and see... http://edition.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/meast/07...bid=S-WoscVsCoB
  9. If anyone is planning to visit the Meuse Argonne area, I drive down quite often and would be happy to join them. From our last trip.....
  10. and Yup.... I took the Silver star along....
  11. I was able to walk the ground Byron and B. Co did when he was awarded his Silver Star... Here are a series of Photos that trace his route... http://www.kaiserscross.com/257543/279643.html Hope you enjoy....
  12. You want to raise taxes and hire more cops, Judges, prison warders? :-)
  13. This is a problem the world over, I am not sure if any other countries have laws about it. While I was in the army I saw a number of guys getting a kicking for wearing Foreign Legion T-Shirts or stuff but not being in the legion. In the 15 years since I have left the army I have run accross or been introduced to about 10 "ex legionnaires".... of them I can say DEFINATELY 6 were never in, or never passed selection. I find it sad and pathetic that they try, on the other hand I find the fact that some sad MF try to pretend to have been in the legion makes me actually prouder to have b
  14. has anyone been able to identify the white diamond? Thanks Chris
  15. Your choice... personally I find it an affront when I go through all the hoops (Pricing, packaging, eating the bank fees or paypal fees...) to sell things to someone in the states over a number of years ... but when I want to buy something from him... he says "sorry guy, US only." :-( As far as mail fraud in the US goes... Having filed reports twice, and never having heard anything back... I think you have as much chance of things going wrong wherever you ship.
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