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  1. Hello everyone! I'm happy to say I got my first Hawley liner at the SOS last Saturday. For $40, I figured I'd match it with my 1941 M1 shell. But there's a catch: the entire suspension has been removed. I was wanting an opinion on whether I should leave it be, or put a new suspension and chinstrap in it. Of course, locating an original suspension kit and slide buckle chinstrap would take a long time, or I would never find one at all. So if I were to do this, it would be with a repro rayon kit. Thoughts?
  2. Thank you all! Strawberry, unfortunately I do not. He was a machine gunner with F/145 on New Georgia, Bougainville, and the Phillipines. So as you can imagine what an mg gunner in the PTO would have gone through, he never wanted to talk about it or have anything to do with it, so he never really kept anything. I do have a few pictures of him though, so I'll have to get one printed and framed. He had his unit picture hanging in his garage but unfortunately know one knows what happened to it
  3. Thought I would post my new display in commemeration of the 70th anniversary of the Japanese assault of Hill 700 on Bougainville. Like with many Army PTO units, the 37th Division is one of those that doesn't get much recognition. My great uncle served with the 145th Regiment and was with the division since it initially left in May 1942. I don't have his uniform, but I just picked up this gem at SOS yesterday, so I added it to my display. I just bought a framed 145th poem on eBay so I'll add pics of the display once it gets here. As always, if you have anything related to either the 37th or 145
  4. Just received my Hawley from Paul and I can only echo the reviews of everyone else. There's not anyone else I would recommend when it comes to a repro Hawley!
  5. Currently waiting for mine to get here. It''ll top off my early war impressions quite nicely!
  6. I do Korean War locally in Illinois. Would love if it was a bigger time period and there were more reenactors for both sides, but sadly there's not. I think a lot of people are stuck in the mindset that it's all late WWII stuff and just don't really care to do it.
  7. Waltz, I have an original belt but the webbing around the dot snaps is becoming fragile and I even ripped one of the lift the dots through the webbing when I went to open one of the pockets. Most of what I use is original though. First aid pouch, canteen and cover, 10 inch bayonet, (I have a repro 16 inch for obvious reasons) M1 helmet and liner, wools, and my leggings. I'll be getting a refurbished fixed bail from J Murray and a repro Hawley by the end of the year as well. The thing I like about good quality repros is they will likely last longer than the original stuff, and if it does fall a
  8. After seeing this, I guess the $30 sweatband at the local antique shop isn't a bad price after all!
  9. I ended up buying an ATF "defect" shaded cartridge belt. I looked through a box of them in person and I really can't find any problem with the one I bought. For $50, I'm very pleased.
  10. I'm in contact with Paul. Thanks for the heads up guys!
  11. For awhile now I've been wanting to get a repro Hawley liner, and I'm considering one from Dropzone Helmet Restorations. However, there's one thing that stood out to me that seemed off. The interior looks fine, but does the liner protrude too much on the outside? Maybe it's me, but something just doesn't seem right about it. Has anyone also dealt with Dropzone before? To my knowledge they seem to be a rather new vendor. http://www.dropzonehelmets.com/product/u-s-airborne-infantry-helmet-ww2
  12. I have yet to see a unit patch on HBT's during WWII. I've only ever seen one picture of stripes being worn on HBT's. Oddly enough, it was a S/Sgt. from the 145th Regiment. However, it was a picture taken at the surrender of Japanese forces in Luzon.
  13. This was at a local museum that I volunteer at. I did presentations for a school group that day and that was probably the best backdrop there. It was the closest I could get to the huge post office that F/145th fought at in Intramuros.
  14. Here are two more of my 37th Division impressions. Portraying my great uncle of F/145th at a local Honor Flight. This is my Class A impression of what he would have worn before shipping off to the Pacific in May 1942. I had the honor and the privilege of meeting this 129th Regiment veteran who served in all 3 campaigns the 37th was with. The icing on the cake is that he actually knew my great uncle during the war, he told me he was surprised he made it out. My other impression is of my great uncle when he was a machine gun squad leader in Manila in February 1945. I'm currently working on m
  15. Hey everyone, I have the opportunity to buy a WPG M1923 cartridge belt at an event next weekend. However, I have never dealt with WPG before, and I'm very leary about anything reproduction unless it's from ATF. I've read the reviews on their site, and every review that I saw were just people saying how good they look, construction is good, etc. but not how they hold up in the field. I've had friends tell me WPG is good and other friends tell me they're hit or miss. So I was wondering if anyone on here has had experience with these repro cartridge belts before and what they think of them.
  16. Why would being young ruin your impression? The men we portray were 18-into their 20's. As far as your impression, I think it looks good! I'm no expert on WWI US but if I'm not mistaken patches weren't sewn on until post-war. Otherwise, everything else looks very good!
  17. Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 145th Regiment, 37th Division. Battle for Hill 700, Bougainville. March 10th, 1944.
  18. Recently I've taken quite an interest in the Pacific Theater. I was wondering if anyone knows of any books pertaining to the Army in the PTO, preferably personal accounts.
  19. Thanks for the help guys. I'll try to stitch it closed and see how that works out.
  20. I have an original 1941 dated service coat with a small moth nip on the collar. I'm wanting to patch this up as a relative's WWII uniform and wear it to Honor Flight receptions and USO dances at reenactments. Any tips on how to go about fixing this?
  21. Luck of the draw I suppose I usually don't find much of anything at the flea market apart from 80's/90's surplus which is why I stopped going there for so long. Now to find a Hawley and another fixed bail!
  22. I can say I'm very pleased with both of them, especially since the St. Clair is the first early war liner that I've owned. When the guy said $10 a piece I nearly fainted!
  23. I got extremely lucky today. Went to the flea market for the first time in a few months and here's what I came out with The St. Clair is a rather early example with the snaps on the liner webbing for the sized sweatbands. However, it has a nice wire buckle sweatband instead. Unfortunately no chinstrap or nape strap, but that's not surprising. The Westinghouse is what I believe to be a mid-war example with a green buckle chinstrap (unfortunately broken), non-adjustable nape strap, and later pattern sweatband.
  24. Fox Company, 145th Regiment, 37th Divison, Liberation of the Philippines, 1945
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