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  1. Hello everyone, had a quick question. In regard to the Westinghouse camo liner, is there any evidence as to how they were issued? If a unit was to receive them, would they have been issued by themselves, or alongside regular liners as well? If that makes sense.
  2. No problem MAW. Looking forward to seeing yours and other's groupings!
  3. As my great uncle was with the 37th ID in WWII, and as an avid student and collector of everything 37th ID, let's see what you got! Here's one from my collection, which likely belonged to a soldier of the 148th Infantry. The grouping in the riker mount was taken off a khaki service coat, and is a 145th Infantry Silver Star grouping.
  4. Hello all, needed a little help with something. I was wondering if anyone knows when the 60th IR began to paint the "Go-Devil" insignia on their helmets. I know there's a few on the forum, but nothing specifically about when they began to appear. Anything I've found on them suggests late war Hurtgen-push into Germany. Does anyone have any additional information on when these began to appear? Any help is appreciated!
  5. Hello everyone! Lately I've been doing research on the 60th IR in WWII. I've been able to find an abundance of footage and photographs from the 39th and 47th Regiments, but not a lot on the 60th. What I have found has mostly been from Germany 1945. While I'm interested in them, I'm also looking for anything from Normandy-Bulge or anything from North Africa and Sicily. If anyone has any footage or photographs they wouldn't mind sharing, please let me know! Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Also, thank you to everyone for the help on this! Was afraid they were actually made of asbestos.
  7. It's not asbestos if it's made with aramid though. I know the WWII gloves were for sure made with asbestos, but I thought in the 1980's they changed what they were made out of and added the tag/DSA to it.
  8. That does help. So asbestos substitute....as in not asbestos? Sorry, just making sure haha.
  9. Hello everyone. I recently bought some heat resistant gloves that are 80's-modern era. I've been told these are made with Kevlar, and others who say these were made with asbestos. They are the yellow gloves with a tag and DSA, not the white style WWII gloves. Was wondering if anyone knows for sure whether or not these were made with asbestos. I've had people tell me that even if they are, there's nothing to worry about. But the last thing I want is for a pair of asbestos gloves to be sitting around with my collection.
  10. I believe it's the Class B uniform, correct? Or is that without the jacket?
  11. 2ndInf.Div.

    Army Shirt

    Rob beat me to it. Nice M1947 HBT jacket with stripes, I don't see 'em with insignia too often.
  12. Too cool. I loved the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds as a kid.
  13. Here's one from the day the ceasefire was announced. Also interesting to see M1952A flak jackets in use.
  14. Thanks JP....wasn't able to find those in my search.
  15. Just did a search but didn't really find anything. I know there was one thread I found awhile back, but that was it.
  16. Hello all, was wondering if anyone has any M1 helmets with the 60th Regiment's "Go Devil" logo on it. I'd also be very interested in seeing period photos as well. Any help is appreciated!
  17. Price is a bit high, but doesn't that look like an M41 with the heavier style cotton shell?
  18. Very nice photos! I wouldn't wanna be anywhere near those damn things...
  19. Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone has any photos they wouldn't mind sharing with me. Looking for pictures of the 9th Infantry Division and the 37th Infantry Division. Primarily the 60th and 145th Regiments, but I'm also interested in all regiments that belonged to both divisions. Any help would be appreciated!
  20. I don't think so. Looking at the suspension kit on the website, 2 or 3 of the rivets are still in the main suspension. The rivets where those go are still in my liner. The 3 nape rivets are missing though.
  21. Funny....I got the liner from them at the show haha
  22. I also forgot to mention that the spot where the middle nape strap rivet goes has a big hole in it, so that spot would have to be left blank. If I do go through with this, this is not a task that I'll be doing myself. I have no clue how to properly rivet a suspension into a liner. I know someone who does though.
  23. I would think that the liner is already worth more than I paid anyway. $40 for a Hawley, albeit no suspension, seemed like a steal. Makes for a good filler! I don't think I would be lowering the value at all if I put a repro suspension in it. If it would, I would probably not put it in there though.
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