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  1. I pretty much have all the research to go with it. I've found his obituary (passed away earlier this year) and most everything is in the immunization record. May try contacting the NARA out of St. Louis to see if they still have his discharge form.
  2. Picked this up the other day and thought some members would like to see it. AAC isn't necessarily my specialty, but PTO is, so I find it interesting nonetheless. This set belonged to a B-25/26 pilot from the 33rd Bomb Squadron of the 5th AF. Included are his enlisted tags, some ribbons (seller mentioned he had already gotten rid of some other awards....which rather upset me), and his AAC immunization record. He was stationed on New Guinea, and during his service flew a whopping 58 missions.
  3. For those of you that checked out my post in the Displays section, I mentioned that I had recently acquired some new 37th ID liners. A big thank you to 37thguy for passing them on to myself! Thought I'd show some close ups to everyone who would be interested. One is a mid-WWII Capac liner with green A-washers. The markings are all hand painted, and the inside is marked to the 1st Battalion HQ of the 145th Infantry Regiment. The other is a 1951 dated Westinghouse/Capac with decals to both the 145th Regiment and 37th Division. Although my interest in the Division pretty much stops at 1945, I c
  4. Thank you all! Very happy with how far my collection has come.
  5. Here you go, Bill. Pretty standard stuff I'd say. I'll be getting a pre-war officers khaki border patch here soon, though
  6. Been a few months, so here's an update. A huge thank you to the forum's own 37thguy, who has helped me tremendously with not only my collection, but also my knowledge about the Buckeyes. Some cool new stuff, including two 145th Regiment marked liners, one of them to HQ Co. of the 1st Battalion, 145th Infantry.
  7. Hello all, I've got a question as I haven't been able to find a clear answer for this. Were WWII helmets ever completely stripped and repainted during the Korean and post-Korean era? I know they were directly painted over with sand/silica finish, but were they ever completely stripped and refurbished? Also, do Korean and Vietnam era produced shells have heat lot numbers? Thanks in advance.
  8. The bag is I believe an Austrian/Hungarian/Czech bread bag. I don't remember which exactly.
  9. I wasn't planning on bidding, just trying to help out others on the forum who might have been thinking about it.
  10. This ends in a few hours. Anymore opinions?
  11. Was looking for some opinions on this one. I've had some say yay, others nay. My only real gripe is the khaki stripes on an Ike jacket and that 5 campaign stars is A LOT for a year and a half overseas. If it's legit, I doubt that the original owner was with the 37th during the war....probably afterwards. Thoughts? http://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-US-37th-Division-Ike-Jacket-/141747920231
  12. If he was a tanker, would he have earned a CIB? Didn't see imprints for one on the inside.....had me confused.
  13. I'd be guessing after as it has a 5th combat patch.
  14. I always figured it was a 5th RCT combat vet who was transferred to the 11th and became a tanker perhaps? Looks like jump wings were definitely there; nothing about an oval.
  15. Ribbon/wing imprints on the inside.
  16. Stitching on the ruptured duck. Matches the same style of stitching on both of the patches and stripes. Interesting that there's so much extra thread, but there's a few different areas on the Ike where there's several long threads.
  17. Here you go. Like I said, the family kept the awards, but otherwise it's as-is. I have the guy's name and residence, but unfortunately no ASN, discharge form, etc. Same laundry number is present on the cap, jacket, and trousers. Like I said, I was always puzzled by the ruptured duck, but I have absolutely no reason to believe that this is a fake or put-together uniform.
  18. Buzzard, I don't think so. I have an absolutely MINT 11th Airborne set from the 50's that I was given. The family kept the awards, but otherwise it's all there. I was always confused about the ruptured duck being on there; glad to see a topic about it. I can post pictures later today.
  19. Thank you all! I was waiting to see who was stumped by that jungle liner haha....it's actually a Westinghouse that was restored by Alexander and Sons Restoration. I had it made for my living history displays that I set up. It's a cool piece that the Buckeyes actually had, so I wanted to incorporate it into my display.
  20. Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I've posted a topic in the regular section of the forum, so I thought I'd show my latest 37th Division display. Nothing too big or fancy, but I'm fairly happy with how much my little collection has grown. I've focused my efforts on one specific unit to collect, and I can only hope to go forward from here! I picked up the service coat at the Show of Shows last year, and I'm happy to say that I was recently able to identify who it belonged to, which happened to be a soldier who was in H. Co., 129th Infantry Regiment. Thanks for looking!
  21. ^^he nailed it. Wools and field jackets were generally the predominate uniform in the ETO. HBT's were used to an extent by some units, but it really depends on the unit. I don't believe the 36th was one that really used them often.
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