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  1. I picked this up at a flea market awhile back. The man said he thought it was from the war. It is not marked other than a what looks like a black date stamp. It has a diameter of about 160 inches. I am thinking it is not military. Any thoughts. Thanks
  2. jdb

    Trench knife

    Lance, Thanks for the information. I only paid $15 and the knife had a very interesting look to it. Jack
  3. Bought this last week. Was wondering if it is ww2 or post war? Thanks for any information. Jack
  4. jdb

    Trench knife

    Found this at an antique show today. I am thinking it is a theater made knife from ww1. Any information would be greatly appreciated. What would the approximate value of this type of knife be. Thanks, Jack
  5. Thank you for the advise. I will check ebay out tonignt. Thanks, Jack
  6. Two New York units the 34th and the 152nd.
  7. I have an opportunity to purchase a group of Civil War letters. The problem is neither of us is sure of a fair price. There are seven letters from three different soldiers. Two are in 1861 with McClellan on the envelope. The soldier talks of guard duty on the Potomac but nothing about battles. Four of the others the soldiers are talking about camp life and how they are doing. The last letter in from one of the soldiers family at home. Any idea on the value of these letter,s that would be fair to all, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jack
  8. Thanks for the info. It makes sense to me now why I see so few medals with the stars on them inrelation to the number of ribbon bars that have stars. Were there any guidelines as to where on the medals ribbon, stars shoud be placed? I am putting together a frame for my wifes grandfather and would like to as accurate as possible. Thanks again, Jack
  9. Were campaign medals issued with stars on them or did the stars only go on the ribbon that was placed on the uniform? Thanks, Jack
  10. jdb

    Polar Bear Patch

    Thanks for the info. He had many different things from different countries in this box. This was one thing I was not sure of, as he was in the army and not marines, and he was never in Iceland. Hard to say where he picked it up. Thanks, Jack
  11. jdb

    Polar Bear Patch

    I found this patch in a box of my great uncle's world war 2 items. He served in in Europe from D-day on. Was wondering if anyone could help me identify this patch? Hopefully I can figure out how to add the photos Thanks, Jack
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