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  1. Apologies for the poor quality of the image, but it's the best that I have right now. The following ribbon is part of a grouping that belonged to my grandmother's uncle who served in WWI. It was mounted on a ribbon bar along with a VFW membership ribbon, and there was a standard WWI victory medal and a Missouri state commemorative in the group as well. Anyone have any clue what it might be? (It's driving me nuts, as I know I have seen it somewhere before...)
  2. For reference, I just saw another similar knife on an online auction site:
  3. The specs: Blade is 5 9/16" long. As viewed from the top 3/16" thick at the thickest point. 1/4" from the back of the blade to the beginning of the fuller. Fuller is 5/16" wide. From fuller to edge is approx 3/8". It seems to be a hair wider, and a little thicker than the M1905E1 bayonet I have to compare it against. Quite a bit shorter. Also, it doesn't fit into the M8 scabbard that the M1905E1 slides right into. Does that help with the assessment / identification at all?
  4. It seems that the fuller is a little to short to be a cut down 1905, but I've got cut down 1905 that I can compare it against.
  5. (Can't seem to edit my last post to add the additional info for some reason.) All the examples I'm seeing of the Patton saber have a diamond shaped cross-section beginning where the fuller ends. My knife appears to have more of a flattened oval shape to it. Looking through older American blades (which is nowhere near my area of expertise, so it's likely I may have missed something), the closest blade I'm finding is a Krag bayonet: http://www.gundersonmilitaria.com/bayonetkrag1903niceGmG.jpg Not perfect, but I can't find an American sword that has enough metal on both sides of
  6. Once I get it in hand, which should hopefully be this week, I'll post some better photos and some specs. Thanks for the help so far!!
  7. Already covered in that department. How bad is that M6?
  8. Thanks! For $20, it'll work well enough for reenacting. I don't have it in hand yet, so it might be possible to reorder the washers. What's "absed"?
  9. Does anyone know what's going on here? It looks like the handle and guard of a M3 trench knife, but the blade looks more like the cut down blade of an M1905E1 bayonet with a slightly shorter fuller.
  10. The photo doesn't really show it, but the manner in which the plexi is cut and finished looks "homemade" enough to lead me to believe it wasn't an official item.
  11. 3d Medical Battalion and 3d Signal Company. No idea what the story behind these two are, other than they're modeled after the DI of the respective units.
  12. A few photos culled from eBay auctions...
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