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  1. Cool Johnny, didn't realize they had this topic until today when I found it by accident...
  2. Here's another, likely a 50's version of the SAC (Strategic Air Command) The size is 5" wide as per the original that just sold on Ebay. It had a sticky back for application, my repro does not just to keep thins simple. Side by side, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference...
  3. I've got a new process I'm using to reproduce period printed patches. In most cases I'm re-mastering original patches and trying to retain all details as far as size and cut...almost indistinguishable from the originals because they are a direct facsimile. I standardized the substrate with a little variation here and there as they seem almost endless with original period patches. Most of the time with originals, the back fabric differs in color and texture from the last so I'm guessing there was no real milspec to be concerned about. That being said, the basic overall look and feel was my goal
  4. Not sure if these would be all over the place for general announcements or maybe panel mounted in some kind of control unit or both. Any info would be appreciated. However, the real question here is for the cost of 10 bucks, should I use at my desk by installing Computer speakers if I can find a pair to fit perfectly? I don't want to destroy any historical value or damage in a way that devalues it. Did find one past sold for 450- in a completed Ebay listing search and one currently available for 499- Probably not worth that much because of the rust Phillips Head screws and aged finish but that
  5. Really lacking the cool factor but I just found one rare piece of bird. This is a Cowl Flap Actuator to the Consolidated B-24 Liberator. I've been running across quite a few vintage warbird parts lately. The B-45 Tornado Control Yoke a month or so back. And this was in a box marked "WW2 Aircraft Parts" along with a few gauges and small electric motors. This piece is in NOS condition. I just threw it out there on my Face Book Patch Group and a friend of mine that flies the Nine-O-Nine B-17 and P-51's ID'd it right away.
  6. Well I just added another line to the description, I just found out that bidders aren't informed of the shared Q&A section as I thought. As far as I know, they will receive an update of description, I have in the past and it's the best I can do.
  7. That's all I had figured out at the time of the listing but promptly added the question and my answer that explains the B-45 probability. Unfortunately no details can be changed but new info can be added. I figure anyone knowledgeable enough in the subject matter and/or the use of Ebay will figure it out. As stated in my answer to Swifter in the listing, this is basically the bare bones of a control wheel used for several very "cool birds" and could be a restoration base for any one of them with the right parts.
  8. Wow! This one is doing well for just a couple of days at 400- plus. Lots of watchers and I could certainly use the money.
  9. Thanks, For some reason this post didn't show up until now, I checked yesterday and only the two below were here.
  10. Pretty rare bird I'd say considering only 706 total were made all variants included.
  11. It's just the photo I got from Craigslist but looked different than the WW2 Mountain Troops pack I have. For 100- think i'll leave it alone.
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