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  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to show the construction of the stands. Very nicely done. The only problem that I have is obtaining the parts, I work for Lowes's!!! I dont think I would be able, in good consciousness, purchase items from HD!!! Only kidding!!!
  2. I like the wall diplay "stands". How about showing a closer shot from the side, without a helmet on it, so we can really see how it is made. Also materials used to make them or are they purchased like that. Thanks
  3. Pic is most likely that of an Army soldier, like FSBE stated, the dogtags are army style. Note also, Army style HBTs. Now about the helmet, my gut feeling is that it is not the same helmet. The liner sweatband is way too clean to be combat used, especially from the PTO. Also, I think the helmet itself is too clean for being combat used. Wishful thinking, but I think not. Just my thoughts on the subject.
  4. If the soldier(standing, far R) IS wearing a BAR belt, it might make sense, as he appears to have an M-14 slung on his shoulder. Dont know if M-14 mags fit in a BAR belt, but I think it might be a perfect fit, Fantastic pic, by the way!!!
  5. Nice assortment of items... I would be real skeptical of the story though...430 oz of silver bars, nearly 27 lbs and it floated down the river!!! Unless they were watertight boxes, I think not.
  6. Here is an older post with pics of the westy that I own.... www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/76492-westinghouse-airborne-helmet-liner/
  7. Overall appearance of the General leaves a bit to be desired. Open collar shirt and sloppy attachment of ribbon bars!!! Not what I would expect from a General. His aide must of had the day off and he dressed himself.
  8. My neighbors uncle passed away last year. He was a WWll vet, landed on Utah beach on June 10th, 1944 with the 91st Evac Hosp. and served till the end of the war. The family divided up the estate amongst themselves as they saw fit. In the estate was an M-1 helmet and a rifle. My neighbor, knowing that I collected military items, asked if I would be interested in purchasing them. I immediately said yes and we struck a deal. Now the particulars about the helmet...it is a FS FB Schleuter in almost new condition. Just some minor paint chipping to the rim. The liner is in almost new condition. Again
  9. Many years ago, Hasegawa, a Japenese pastic model company, made a 1/72nd scale model kit of this very aircraft, complete with the toilet mounted on the bomb rack. I have been looking for this model kit for over 10 years to add to my collection...so far, no luck.
  10. I really like this helmet. Not the usual fare of 101st, 3rd ID, etc, patched cover. I would love to add a cover like that to my collection. Very nice!!!
  11. The bullet is not even deformed from impact with the helmet, not even a little bit. The bullet is in "pristine" condition. What a crock of...
  12. See post, starting at #9 through #12 of this thread: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/194817-show-off-your-spoils-of-war-forms/
  13. Me likey, likey...love you long time!!!!
  14. Authenticity/Accuracy is of the utmost importance.
  15. Dont know if that Beechcraft is exactly the same model aircraft, but it brings back memories of Sky King, and his niece Penny. Watched that show faithfully.
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