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  1. Maybe I'm mistaken—but have I seen these for sale on the internet?
  2. https://www.history.navy.mil/our-collections/photography/us-people/i/ingram-jonas-h/nh-104933.html This is even stranger, here's an image with the same configuration with different medals? Can we say confusing?
  3. This is indeed strange. Usually they present the actual medal instead of the ribbon. It also appears that he has now received two Navy Cross(s) I think the image is showing two Navy Cross ribbons. Another interesting fact is the Christian flag s the only flag that can be flown "above" the American flag only if their is a military burial at sea
  4. Here's the whole story: http://www.burnpit.us/2013/01/teddy-roosevelt-awarded-medal-honor-103-years-after-san-juan-hill
  5. The Mariner is correct, the top left does appear to be an official government replacement engraving style font. I've seen many of these replacement issues with the exact same style engraved font.
  6. It appears to be accurate for the time. They look good to me also.
  7. Is this law pertaining to recipients of the PH selling their medal (for what ever reason ...or just PH medal(s) manufactured from a licensed U.S. manufacture?
  8. When push comes to shove...old Ebay will always go for the money first. The whinny minority seems to always dictate to the majority.
  9. My experience is that ebay only enforces their policy if someone reports it. There will always be an agitator in the ebay crowed, who for some don't agree with anything relating to military. It's call the PC whiners, someone is always belly-aching with this crowd of people.
  10. It's my understanding that any American contracted manufacturer of military decorations can legally sell these military medals to the public. The government allows them to to this, with the Medal of Honor (Air Force, Army, Navy) being the only exception.
  11. Is ebay prohibiting any authentic Government medal manufactured under a U.S. government contract—or just the ones that have been awarded to a actual military recipient along with it's official award certificate?
  12. I've run into the same twisted logic concerning ebay's posting policies. Ebay is a Political Correct organization. I just moved on to other sites that take a more "common-sense" approach for the enthusiast of the military collecting community. It's a sad result of the "feel-good" legislation mentality we have all experience coming down the road for years.
  13. Medal of Honor Ceremony for Britt Slabinski President Trump presented the Medal of Honor to retired Navy SEAL Britt Slabinski in the White House East Room. He was awarded the military’s highest honor for leading a reconnaissance team against al-Qaeda and attempting to rescue a teammate in Afghanistan in March 2002. Other attendees included White House staff, congressional members, past Medal of Honor recipients, and family and friends of Britt Slabinski. https://www.c-span.org/video/?446088-1/president-trump-awards-medal-honor-retired-navy-seal
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