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  1. Thank you very much Bob !! And sorry for my late reply !!
  2. Hi !! I come back to you with this question. Where and when those uniform were worn and if is there some pictures of the uniform, used during active service ?? Thank you in advance !!
  3. Thank you again everyone for your big help !!
  4. Thank you so much for your fast answers !!
  5. Hi everyone !! I came here for a friend of mine, who need some info about this uniforme (see picture below). He got it many years ago, but isn't sure if this uniform was from the late years of the Vietnam war or just a post-war uniform. There is no tag Inside for an eventual identification. Maybe someone has alredy talked about the same topic, but I didn't find the answer in the forum. So I'll ask you again and because I don't have a good knowledge on camouflage uniformes !! By advance thank you for your help !! (and sorry for my bad english)
  6. Great !! Mi piace molto tutti vostro fotografia !! One thing. The bipod on the M60 is on the wrong side !! From France, near the italian border Cpl Harlan
  7. Hi everyone !! Sorry for the delay !!! Here some pictures taken last june at the "Fete de la jeep" (the jeep festival) in Sagy,France. I hope that you enjoy them !!
  8. Great pictures !! :thumbsup: That going to help me a lot, because I started to collect uniforms and equipment of the Korean war.But for the moment I start from zero. I've got only the shirt and a suspender who is dated of 1952.
  9. For me it started when I was 7, with "The Longest Day."
  10. Hi Thierry !! Yes, it was in Sully !! A great weekend !!
  11. Thanks for your comment Thierry !! Yes we are present to the "la fête de la Jeep" at Sagy. But before that, we do the "20 siécle de Sully" in Sully-sur-Loire. Cpl Harlan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now some new pictures of our group !! First,we have trying USMC impressions. All your comments and good advice are welcome !! More pictures are coming !! Cpl Harlan WWW.VIETNAM-ACCAV.FR
  12. Hi everyones !! :bye1: I came back in this post, to telling you that our website has changed since April 11. So, this is our new website www.vietnam-accav.fr/ Hope you like it !!! Cpl Harlan :salute:
  13. Thank you very much to everyone,for your replies. :thumbsup: Cpl HARLAN A.C.C.A.V.
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