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    Collecting WWII/Korea/VN/Iraq helmets & Japanese militaria
  1. Nice items. Pretty sure the badge is a Japanese military reserve badge. Really nice flag. If you want it to be translated got to this web site and ask Very nice group, and it is a free service. I had my flags and other items translated there. https://jref.com/forums/good-luck-flags-militaria.206/
  2. For what it's worth, Google Translate indicates VỊT Cinch Hệ means DUCK Cinch System. The VIT may be a company name or initials, the rest makes sense.
  3. Unusual and interesting story; never heard about the captured TSMGs! The picture of all of the weapons and gear - is that in a museum? Great collection of items!
  4. Your dad picked this up for a reason, tho' we may never know why. Kanji calligraphy was very important at all levels of Japanese society, including the military. He may have picked this up as a souvenir somewhere in a Japanese military installation in the Philippines, so hold on to it.
  5. Very nice find, with the mum still intact. Gotta wonder what the 5 notches signify.......
  6. You'd think something like that, with so many memories, would not be let go. But I guess sometimes memories turn sour, and the emotinal value of a souvenir like this leaves. I really like items like this, and that seems to be a very good example!
  7. Conditions were totally unbelievable, and they died in droves during the trip. Then, when the ships were sinking, guards would shoot anone trying to come topside. I believe that from the Arisan Maru only 4 or 5 Americans got away. They found a floating life boat, rigged a sail, and made it to the coast of unoccupied China.
  8. Very interesting story! my dad's Dallas high school friend, Lt. Charles Gaskell, was in the same unit, and was MIA, then POW. When Dad passed in 2001, I found the newspaper cuttings in his drawer from '42 telling that Charlie was MIA. I asked mom what ever happened to Charlie and she said they never found out. So I started researching and came up with about the same story you told above, except Charlie was killed when a U.S. sub torpedoed the hell ship Arisan Maru on 10/24/44. Over 1700 Americans died in that sinking. Gaskell was sent to Nichols Field, Manilla, in Nov, 1941, 10 days before WWII started, and saw duty in the Manila Bay and Bataan area. He served in the parent group V Interceptor Command, assigned unit 24th Pursuit Group, subordinate unit 34th Pursuit Squadron And that helmet is killer! I have several Japanese helmets, but yours is a beauty!
  9. The kanji at the top of this Hinomaru Yosegaki says something like "everlasting fortune in battle". War era Japanese reads from right to left (usually), and this is reversed, I believe. Most likely many of the kanji around the flag are names of well wishers, or other patriotic slogan. I have two of these (tho' not from Iwo!) and got them translated at the Japan Forum, link below. You may have to join, but it is free. As it is a Japanese forum, be very respectful in how you communicate. Good luck, I got a lot of help with mine. https://www.jref.com/forum/good-luck-flags-militaria.206/
  10. That is a very nice find! I collect, restore, and sell helmets; and this one is special. I have used a vinegar bath to successfully remove rust from helmets, with an immediate application of paint, polyurethane, or oil because the rust comes back very quickly. In this case, however, I would be afraid that it might damage the text added by the vet. Perhaps others can help with viable ideas for stabilization. Nice score!
  11. Very nice grouping! The Iraqis had a hodge-podge of militaria from a variety of countries. I especially like the fact that he tagged his swag.
  12. Big time interested, you lucky son-of-a-gun!
  13. Another excellent Japanese translation resource is https://www.jref.com/forum/good-luck-flags-militaria.206/ - where they are very happy to help you translate pre-1945 kanji. I doubt that I have to say this (but will anyway) - be respectful and courteous, and do not expect rapid results due to the time difference between the US and Japan. They have helped me, above and beyond the call of duty, in translating kanji on flags, belts, canteens, etc. Good luck!
  14. Fantastic collection - The flag, helmet, and engraved sword are just unbelievable! The vertical large kanji on the right side of the flag evidently means "Buun (Fortunes of war) Choukyuu (Forever/perpetually) usually translated as "Eternal Good Fortune in Battle" or something similar." according to the Wehrmacht Awards Forum - Japanese Militaria found at the link http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=493366 - if you work through that pinned post you can probably interpret a some of the other large character groupings. The smaller ones will be names of the well-wishers. This site is a great resource for WWII Japanese items - I have a small collection - much more humble than yours, I am afraid.
  15. Very nice example! The two dove were a very common inscription in VC and NVA Helmets. I understand they were representative of North and South Vietnam reunification.
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