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  1. Hello, I just posted a topic about cleaning the outside of WWII Medal cases. For my Purple Heart I want to clean the interior of the case since it will be showing so much. Anyone have any ideas as to how to clean the inside of the cases? Is there a way to get period made fabric of the same type? Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Zeke
  2. Jack's son, Thanks for the input. I will try your technique soon. It sounds really good and I am excited to see the results. If you could, would you post us some pictures so we can see the finished result? Thanks, Zeke
  3. Hello, Just got my first WWII medal case today and noticed the exterior could use a cleaning. I have never cleaned a leather case before and really don't want to just try someything new. If anyone could give me advice I would really appreciate it! Thanks, Zeke P.S. Please don't post : " You should just replace it. " Obviously I don't want to do that so please don't tell me I can.
  4. I think the palm leafs might be for a croix de guerre medal. Just a guess.
  5. I thought they only did that for sampson medals? :think:
  6. Hello, Many of you may remember a post not so long ago about a New York Service medal numbered to Lewis Nester. I mailed to New York and got a copy of his award card which also had the numbers for his aqueduct medal and mexican border service medal. I really would like to get these medals back and if anyone here has any information about the medals please send me a message or post. I really appreciate the help. Aqueduct medal number: 3548 Mexican border service medal: 7086 thanks, zeke
  7. I don't think McCain knows what a computer is. :pinch:
  8. Well, If you listen to Adam and Kurt then yes. But I'm sticking with my original decision.
  9. I disagree. I think this was a restrike done during the World war II period. I know a small amount were restruck during this period. This would explain the slot brooch and would not make it a fake. The medal is still a nice despite being a restrike.
  10. warpath, I believe these are both local issue marksmenship awards. I know many units had their own private marksmenship awards, I belive both of these to be an example of that. I am just guessing, so lets see what the others have to say.
  11. Fifth Picture and Last one for the day, Legion Of Merit Legionnaire with Oak Leaf Cluster signifying earning the award twice! This is 1960's His Lordship products medal. It is double hallmarked on the back, first CN-GI then HLP-GI. If anyone knows why that was done please let me know as I would really like to figure out. ( as would siling)
  12. Fourth Picture Humanitarian service medal issued again by Williams & Anderson Co. in 1979. The Box was used as a dating point as that /** is always indicative of when the medal was made. This one came in the bag of issue. I took it out because the bag looked like crap so I took it off. This is in very good condition and I got it for free via a friend from school!
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