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    United States militaria, Army/Army Air Forces primarily WW2 but also including Korea and 'Nam. I collect everything GI, uniforms, equipment, weapons and insignia etc and have done so for over 25 years.

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  1. Hi Ken. Re the previous comments about British terminology ( Char, Khaki etc) lots of words still in use today originated in the days of the great British Empire of the 19th early 20th centuries, particularly from "The Jewel in the Crown"...ie India. Many British people lived or served in India and when they returned to "Blighty" (as they affectionately called Britain) they brought with them indigenous words which subsequently became integrated into the English language. "Shampoo" and "bungalow" are two others still widely used today. That aspect of lexicography is fascinating!
  2. Thanks Ken. Re Normandy...actually it is something we have been talking about recently!
  3. Very little has physically changed there in 70 years or so Ken....apart from UPVC window frames and a new wrought-iron balcony!
  4. 007.5? Damn...that's my cover blown!
  5. Hi Ken. As you know, Sian and I spent "Hogmanay" up in Edinburgh...we flew back on the night of January 1st. Just catching up on emails etc. So, we wish you a hearty "Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!" or "Bonne année!". Ian
  6. Carl...there was no PTO ribbon on his rack was there...just ETO.
  7. I believe they originate in P'stan too.
  8. Carl...those Ace Novelty Co wings were very popular in Japan...as Christmas cracker gifts!
  9. The Lensatic Compass (sometimes called a marching compass) was a Corps of Engineers item which was generally issued to Army officers and senior NCOs. It was carried in a small, snap-closed webbing pouch which was suspended from the belt. The pouch was treated with a waterproofing agent which gave it a slightly greasy feel. Thanks are due to fellow forum-er Ronnie67 who kindly supplied me with the case after having seen my compass in another thread. It's a small but important item and one which is not easy to source in the UK! (Thanks Andy!)
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