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    Shoveling snow one week and sunshine the next
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    Always looking for uniquely marked helmets, WWI and WWII American Field Service items, WWII and earlier USMC items, named or numbered medals and medal groups and General officer items.

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  1. Showed your post to my bride, huge mistake she wants to know if I can get her a pair of period women’s coveralls now. great find brother.
  2. Amazing these have lasted all these years, and better yet are no in the hands of somebody who will cherish them. Well done.
  3. i thinks really funny that it's a second addition that the admiral sighed for his wife.
  4. I picked this up at the SOS, it was pinned to an enlisted USMC uniform.
  5. Bingo!!!!!! Well Done.
  6. Can you identify the man from the rack?, Clue, there is a gold star missing.
  7. 2020 Show of shows item I forgot i bought.
  8. Digging around for stuff in the bottom drawer and found this little group.
  9. Too funny, the regs are Greek to me, i wouldn't know where to put it. Maybe as pictured in post #9? Regs: b. Provisions for Wear. All eligible officers may wear the Command-at-Sea and Command Ashore/Project Manager insignia. Flag officers are only authorized to wear in the post-tour position described below. The miniature Command insignia is worn with all uniforms except Full Dress uniforms. (2) Post Tour (a) Optional simultaneous wear of Post-Tour Command at Sea and Command Ashore/Project Manager insignia is authorized when wearing Working Uniforms (NWUs, Navy Coveralls and Flight Suits), Service Uniforms and Service Dress Uniforms. When worn simultaneously, the Command at Sea Insignia will be placed inboard toward the center of the chest denoting primary placement. The Command Ashore/Project manager Insignia will be worn adjacent and to the wearer’s left of the Command at Sea Insignia, with one inch between the facing outer edges of both insignias. If you are also an incumbent, the post-tour Command Insignia of the same command category will not be worn. (Center the insignia (one or both post tour insignias) on the left breast, 1/4 inch below the top of the pocket/flap. When wearing two qualification breast insignia (primary above the Service Tape and secondary below the Service Tape), center the Command Insignia 1/4 inch below the secondary insignia, or on uniforms with pocket flaps, 1/4 inch below the flap. When wearing Command Insignia and an identification badge, men center the badge 1/4 inch below the command Insignia, and women center the badge 1/4 inch above the left pocket, ribbons or primary insignia.
  10. Thank you for the clarification, since I put them together I think I will leave them. They are not correct for the period but they do look nice and represent the Admirals rack. thanks again
  11. Thank you, I made the suggested changes.
  12. Thanks I did add the ribbons, wings etc... I wasnt aware of the Greens not getting ribbons, hopefully we can confirm that bit. I did notice pin holes on the inside of the jacket so I assumed the were from a ribbon rack. The rack isnt a perfect match it was put together from loose ribbons I had laying around. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks it's nice to reunite the jacket with the Visor/s
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