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    Shoveling snow one week and sunshine the next
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    Always looking for uniquely marked helmets, WWI and WWII American Field Service items, WWII and earlier USMC items, named or numbered medals and medal groups and General officer items.

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  1. Admiral James Lemuel Holloway III may be the largest rack I have in the collection
  2. Thanks, the original post was by another member and i didn't take the time to request a change. This group is on it's way to it's new home. thank you all for your support.
  3. simply amazing, luv them all thank you for posting.
  4. love these sports related USMC/USN groups, thanks for posting
  5. Thank you, i appreciate the kind words and suggestions.
  6. This group is going to the for sale section soon, anybody have any ideas of market value? I could use to some help as i bought this as part of a larger lot of groups and not based on the value of a single group like this one, that and wings not really being my core I'm a bit lost. Thanks in advance for your insight.
  7. Admiral Kearney, whish i had the medal group to go with the uniform
  8. MG Singlaub, Another one of my favorites. The stars are not original to the coat.
  9. Well done, really a beautiful tribute. I'm going to have to dig mine out now and dust them off.
  10. Wish it was mine, buddy of mine picked this up this summer. Amazing this kind of stuff is still around.
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