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  1. I agree. Not a WWI cockpit I've ever seen and he died in 1918 so .....
  2. I dont have a bottle (yet) but I do have a cap
  3. I would probably guess the 50's since that was the era in the Corps when they were the most popular
  4. Yah I think I saw one in a surplus store in Houston too
  5. As a Jarhead I really love to see the evolution of the uniform! Makes me appreciate the Dress Blues just that much more seeing from whence they came! Semper Fi
  6. I know they were popular in the 50's with Marine Officers and Senior NCOs until the new commandant Shoup made them unpopular by saying if you feel you need to carry one do so. I had the brass tip of my dad's with an EGA on it so restored it for him several years ago. On the bottom end I put a WWII dated .50 cal brass casing I found in the desert near Quartzsite AZ where Patton trained tank crews
  7. Very cool. The picture ties so much together
  8. And in Texas theyd wonder why there wasnt 4 boxes of bullets to go with it! Nice rig BTW !
  9. Youd think they would at least use the same font type?
  10. Not that I know anything but I think the fact 25 is a bigger font than the rest of the lettering leads credence to the rack number theory
  11. BTW the black and white Iwo picture on the bottom left is signed by Retired Colonel Dave Severance. We attended a talk of his in a VFW hall in Houston almost 20 years ago. Have a picture of him and my (then) 12 year old son. He signed a USMC model 3 canteen cover too.
  12. Very nice. I was at Mare Island when they decommissioned the Nautilus but they didn't invite a lowly USMC Pvt !
  13. Thanks guys! Thats the room I have my treadmill in so I need any reason I can get to go in there!
  14. Thanks. I hate having cool stuff in drawers and footlockers
  15. Out of the six you have are they all different planes or are there dupes?
  16. Hate to beat a dead horse but that looks much more like a Texas flag than Chile. Chile has the blue with the star just in the left hand corner with white underneath whereas Texas the whole left side of the flag top to bottom is blue with the star in the muddle of the blue. Its hard to see the white and red sections clearly though
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