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  1. You know Tino your soldier engraving kinda reminds me of the crossed rifles on Iron Benders lighter. Maybe it is period done in Korea also...
  2. I know nothing but am not a fan of the soldier on the back and I agree it seems added later. seems a little too cartoonish to me
  3. rtd Just out of curiosity why did you guys remove the lining. Just cuz it looked better?
  4. Had this for a while. Bought at sn auto swap parts meet. Book seems to be civilian from the teens or twenties but first page is missing so not sure has a bunch of info about how cars work, how to lube, etc.
  5. He seemed to be holding a round stick or something at one time. Maybe a civilian constrution sign or similar?
  6. I agree. Not a WWI cockpit I've ever seen and he died in 1918 so .....
  7. I dont have a bottle (yet) but I do have a cap
  8. I would probably guess the 50's since that was the era in the Corps when they were the most popular
  9. Yah I think I saw one in a surplus store in Houston too
  10. As a Jarhead I really love to see the evolution of the uniform! Makes me appreciate the Dress Blues just that much more seeing from whence they came! Semper Fi
  11. I know they were popular in the 50's with Marine Officers and Senior NCOs until the new commandant Shoup made them unpopular by saying if you feel you need to carry one do so. I had the brass tip of my dad's with an EGA on it so restored it for him several years ago. On the bottom end I put a WWII dated .50 cal brass casing I found in the desert near Quartzsite AZ where Patton trained tank crews
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