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  1. Russ has another of the 313th posted in the WTS/CPT/CAA thread. As for the prop, i would think really nice sweetheart piece.
  2. No relationship to regulation military aviation insignia. Not US or Philippine constabulary. Seems more like a souvenir or sweetheart piece.
  3. Once you see it, it's obvious. Thanks Marty
  4. i have carefully opened those up with a little leverage.
  5. Look how long it took us to sort out the J.O. Brien vs. Josiah Odence mis-identification. Research and citation wins every time!
  6. Russ, From this booklet posted online about Twentynine Palms Air Academy, who ran the school and the field, their wings and nomenclature had them using TAA. Take a look: https://www.yumpu.com/xx/document/read/56460726/6010-f-clampout-condor-field
  7. Don't know Russ. Would take a photo, no? But a good lead...
  8. Finally for my Nobles, is an unmarked wing with a very massive Hercules finding which is the giveaway. Most similar in stamping to your last wing posted, Marty.
  9. Next up is a hallmarked Noble with the typical N-in-a-circle mark with straight sterling on the vertical. This is most similar to the first two wings posted by Marty. The hand scratched engraving is "TO KATE FROM HERB"
  10. Here is my marked solid back Noble wing. Looks the twin to yours Marty, though hallmarked.
  11. A nice custom metal shop job. Turning a standard instructor badge also into a name tag.
  12. A nice CAA cap and collar and wing set on original Danecraft card.
  13. A cap and collar set. Not sure which school.
  14. A series of colorful wing patches in various colors and designs. For jackets, shirts.
  15. An early NS Meyer wing, late 30s style, but not sure what it is for. A school? A club? A flight company?
  16. An SSA wing related to a patch Russ showed earlier. Spartan School of Aeronautics? Not sure.
  17. The second wing is from Robins Field. Robins was NE of Jackson, MS and was run by Mississippi Institute of Aeronautics, Inc. It is now Bruce Campbell Field.
  18. Part of the enamel field series of wings, these two feature Shaw Field and Robbins Field. Shaw field is located in Sumter, SC and was activated on 30 August, 1941. It was named for a Sumter native, 1st Lieutenant Ervin David Shaw, who was one of the first Americans to fly combat missions in WWI. It was both a primary and advanced school.
  19. One of my favorites, a Desert Aero school wing based on a Noble pilot wing base. Because of the time period when these Noble wings were made, this wing is probably late 30s-pre-WWII. Desert Aero was a contract school out in Inyokern, CA, located in the Mojave desert. The small field was called Harvey Field at the time and now is part of the China Lake Weapons Testing facilities. There is not a lot of information about the field or its owners. They tried to build a bigger school and bigger facilities but came up against funding issues and lack of support from town councils.
  20. This is a really handsome wing that starts with a base of an American Emblem & Co standard pilot and adding this custom made flight instructor banner. This wing was originally part of the Warren Carroll collection. This is the wing that is illustrated in Jon Maguire's book "More Silver Wings, Pinks & Greens", page #333 and is similar to Russ' wing.
  21. Another beautiful, custom embroidered bullion civilian pilot wing. This is actually a biographical wing and belonged to Carlton Ford James. The first picture shows him wearing the wing at 23 years old. The second is Carlton at 87.
  22. A nice bullion style gold embroidered wing for a civilian instructor.
  23. Next is a very common graduation wing style that seems literally painted with gold. Very thin and easily chipped.
  24. I thought i would post some of my civilian instructor and contract school wings. Let's start with this gold plated Beverlycraft pilot wing for a civilian instructor.
  25. A nice gold plated Pilot wing for civilian flight instructors.
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