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  1. Here is the original thread discussing this wing type.
  2. Great unsung wing! I had not known about this one!
  3. I think China with that kind of u-shaped hinge
  4. I have never seen this style before! Great description!
  5. You need the observer wing as well Marty
  6. Here is mine. I would say of the same series.
  7. The first LGB clutch back pilot is real but post war make and hallmark.
  8. I mean it is constructed and layered and engraved by hand vs primarily machine made out of a single planchette. Could still be made by Robbins. The pattern style is attributed to Robbins as later versions that are more machine made and less hand finished were hallmarked. That’s my understanding from the research from this group.
  9. What great wings. Unfortunately Shreve no longer in their original location.
  10. Sooooo elusive! Congratulations Bob. Great addition.
  11. Hey team, Recently acquired this very nice WWI wing of the Robbins variety. It was found and purchased recently (not by me) at an estate sale in Southern California. It came with the photo. Unfortunately no name or biographical information. The only clue is the wagon behind the aviator. Aviation Section Signal Corps US Army. Have no ideas if No. 1413 refers to the Section or the wagon. This wing is featured in Chris Norma's wings of WWI #11. Hand made. Layered silver. John Ferguson and Cliff Presley say Robbins made them. Chris says "not determined". Anyway, nice wing.
  12. Looks like Hercules findings. I love these Chris! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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