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  1. Earlier this week I had an opportunity to speak to Charles Lee Speights. I have known him my entire life and I actually call him uncle. He has always been a very close friend of my mom and dad. My dad passed away in October and he was at the funeral. I asked him if I could talk to him about his service. I knew he was in Vietnam but that was about it as he never talked about it and I wanted to respect his privacy. He did open up to me and this is what I found out. He was a combat medic with H Q Co with the 299th Engineer Battalion at Dak To. He served from September 1968 until November
  2. I had posted some items I had picked up at a museum auction last week. One of the items was marked military garbage can. When I looked inside it was full of papers, plastic bags and garage sale stickers so I left it alone to clean out. Today I had an opportunity and as I started pulling trash out these items were in the bottom. 4 Minnie Balls probably from Port Hudson, a powder horn with wooden dowels for caps, a holster embossed U S, a cartridge box possibly French. If anyone has any idea on the shotgun shell belt please let me know. I can find no markings on it at all. There were 2 met
  3. Thank you for the information. I picked this up in Zachary La which is about ten miles north of Baton Rouge. You are correct on the numbers. Also sorry for lumping in Polk as you are correct, it is way west, 50 mile at least😁
  4. Picked up a few items at a museum auction over the weekend. A training rifle with bayonet, a training shell, the blue and white veterans cap has a WWI 2nd division pin but unfortunately no name. The shirt to the left is in the can you identify section so any help on that would be appreciated. There are also 3 U S marked mailbox covers. Quite a few smalls and a stretcher. I missed out on a nice field desk and a framed photo of a WWI African American soldier. Quite a bit of competition on the bidding.
  5. Picked this up at a recent auction with some other military items and I'm not really sure what I have. Alex on the front could be short for Alexandria LA. Camp Claiborne, Polk, Beauregard, and Livingston were in that general area. I was thinking possibly hospital related but again not sure. Material is very thin. Any help would be greatly appreciated If it is military would it be WWI or WWII. Thank you in advance David
  6. just a line, what is the   4th miss cav      I live in Tn.   thank you

  7. Welcome, American Civil War has always been my first passion. Glad to have another Civil War guy on the forum. David
  8. Wonderful collection. I really like the addition of the male and female mannequins that you have added. Very impressive. David
  9. You are correct. He was the commandant of cadets until he was called back into service in WWII. At that time all able bodied men were in the ROTC. LSU was called the Old War Skule. Then after the war he became president of LSU. The library is named in his honor.
  10. Recent pick up. Listed as 1930's but not 100% sure yet. It is named to W. S. Leefer. Uniform is in excellent condition. Also came with two belts and the shirt, Made by Terry & Juden out of New Orleans. Buttons are all back marked Superior Quality.
  11. He is offering a 14 day no questions asked return policy, so I expect it will be returned in less than 14 days by the buyer.
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