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  1. Welcome, American Civil War has always been my first passion. Glad to have another Civil War guy on the forum. David
  2. Wonderful collection. I really like the addition of the male and female mannequins that you have added. Very impressive. David
  3. You are correct. He was the commandant of cadets until he was called back into service in WWII. At that time all able bodied men were in the ROTC. LSU was called the Old War Skule. Then after the war he became president of LSU. The library is named in his honor.
  4. Recent pick up. Listed as 1930's but not 100% sure yet. It is named to W. S. Leefer. Uniform is in excellent condition. Also came with two belts and the shirt, Made by Terry & Juden out of New Orleans. Buttons are all back marked Superior Quality.
  5. He is offering a 14 day no questions asked return policy, so I expect it will be returned in less than 14 days by the buyer.
  6. Picked this up over the weekend at the Civil War relic show in Franklin, Tenn. Just wanted to get some opinions as to if WWII era or not. The vendor had about 15 different brands. I have a lot of WWII dated collage football programs and Chesterfield is advertised in almost everyone of them so I took a chance. I appreciate your feedback.
  7. Picked this up over the weekend at the Civil War relic show in Franklin Tenn. No moth nips, sweatband is in great shape, no flaking on the leather. Was glad to find it.
  8. Congratulations on the purchase of a wonderful group. Running out of floor space. Richmond Times Dispatch, is that correct on the newspapers.
  9. It's all right Scott. Other than several years in Vicksburg MS, I have lived here in Cajun Country most of my life and it still shocks the hell out of me sometimes. Especially during Mardi Gras.
  10. I wanted to post a few more notes from my collection. These are from Pointe Coupee Parish and most are dated in 1862. The paper is almost like a tissue paper. I have seen a few other types with yellow print but have not been able to purchase them yet. Pointe Coupee Parish is the birthplace of John Archer LeJeune. His father was Captain Ovide LeJeune, an officer in the 1st Louisiana Cavalry CSA. The other is a 5 cent note from the city of Opelousas Louisiana dated April 21,1862. I am not sure of the rarity of this piece but I have never seen another. I picked this up at an estate sale in Opelousas years ago. People were literally pushing and shoving trying to grab common Confederate Notes and when the dust cleared and the crowd died down I stepped up and this and a $1.00 note were all that was left. Glad I waited.
  11. Had a call out of the blue today and they wanted to know if I was interested in any old silver coins and some Confederate currency. Well that was an easy choice for me to make. Picked up 24 Morgan silver dollars with Indian War and Spanish American War dates, between 50 and 60 WWII dated half dollars, 4 Confederate notes, 3 Mercury dimes, and a 1 dollar U S note with Hawaii on the back. Morgan's to me are just beautiful coins and most of them are New Orleans Mint produced. Most of the halves are Philadelphia marked.
  12. I picked up common $10, $20, and $100 Confederate notes today, but with them was one that is a little more scarce. A Confederate $5 note from the Parish of Rapides which is where Alexandria, Louisiana is located. Alexandria was made famous during the Red River Campaign and burnt to the ground in 1864. Cannot make out the month possibly, January but dated on the 9th of 1863. These were printed by the Police Jury which is similar to a county council and were used to pay parish taxes or fees.
  13. Brandon, MS Civil War Relic show will be held June 13, 2020 9 am till 6 pm and June 14, 2020 9 am till 3 pm at the Brandon City Hall on Highway 80. Only about a mile off of Interstate 20. Approximately 250 tables in a large well air conditioned hall. It is hosted each year by the local Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp. They go above and beyond to make everyone feel at home. So if you like relics and want to experience some good old southern hospitality this is the place for you. If you are interested in a table they are $45.00 each until Dec 31st, then $50.00 after that. If you need info PM me and I will get you in touch with the organizer. David
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