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  1. November 1915 photo of the First Aero Squadron in Fort Worth, Texas. They were on the way from Fort Sill, Oklahoma, to Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas. Left to right: Bowen, Carberry, Foulois, Milling, Rader, And Chapman.
  2. I was thinking Clara Bow from the movie Wings (1927).
  3. I may be a little late, but Lecil is still remembered here in north Texas. He lived in Arlington, He was indeed a Flight Engineer. There is an antique mall here that had a huge C-5 desk model that belonged to him.
  4. Interesting how things come into and out of view. Clay's papers can be found in the Dallas at the History of Aviation Collection, University of Texas at Dallas. Finding aid https://www.utdallas.edu/library/specialcollections/hac/worldwar1/HenryClay.html
  5. Confirming: 864th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) organized on 1 February 1963; receiving personnel/aircraft/equipment from 717th Bombardment Squadron (Inactivated). Sheppard AFB flying B-52s. 864th was inactivated on 2 April 1966.
  6. Any thoughts as to what unit this might be? His patches were arranged in the order he got them and this was the first one. His first. His obituary read like the Republic F-84 was his first aircraft after training. So, it could be an F-83 unit. Beautiful patch.
  7. Could I get you to see if this is in the catalog? It's an F-111, but I have never known the meaning. It was made by Ken Nolan. Thanks.
  8. Do you think that is ink on the inside of the door? Those holes in it are sure interesting. It does not seem sturdy enough to be military, but who knows.
  9. Agree that someone was selling them recently for perhaps $200. There is also one on display at the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas.
  10. From the May 24, 1913, issue of Aero & Hydro Magazine. Aero & Hydro May 24, 1913.tiff
  11. Suggest replacing staple with a stainless steel one. I library/archive might be able to spot you a few.
  12. All the Veteran's Day pics people have posted, this one caught my eye. A tab over a 4th Armored Division patch. Were there tabs above the armored triangles?
  13. Howdy. I manage the collections at the Fort Worth Aviation Museum (www.fortworthaviationmuseum.com). We have a number of personal collections that have been donated. We do get some amazingly interesting items. This framed set came from one of two Marine helo vets. I thought you'd enjoy seeing the set. Anyone know what that one enlarged patch is? Maybe a Peanuts character in a helo? A student patch? The others are self-explanatory. Enjoy. Come see the museum if you get a chance. We are at the very south end of Meacham Airport in Fort Worth.
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