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  1. The Coutances railway viaduct as it stands today; they managed to replace the Bailey-section by now Location: 49° 2' 8.00" N 1° 26' 28.00" W
  2. Not sure about magnetic mines, but I think they did use socks filled with charges and covered in grease or something else sticky. The bags used were simple rectangular bags with a shoulderstrap and closed with strings, if you do a search for 'satchel charge' you should find some examples.
  3. Apparently that is a Canadian sniper that went into the field with this outfit, not an instructor showing and that this guy managed to pick up a smock doesn't mean one was around when the film was made. They just needed a piece of camouflage, and apparently that coverall was available
  4. Very nice figures, they fit the scene brilliantly. I just think the M2HB .50 should be mounted to the fork near the front of the body, close to the barrel? I think I see a small dimple there to clip it to the fork?
  5. This contract number is one of a group of numbers of which the exact date is unknown, because the number is low (early) but they have later features like the long flaps. See https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/80042-mitchell-cover-contract-list/&tab=comments#comment-581604
  6. Which is exactly what happened, as explained earlier in the topic. I guess they didn't have a German uniform or camo at hand.
  7. Or get another mint, unpacked M7 to display next to the packed one?
  8. Like I said, these were used in large numbers by the Dutch army in Indonesia 😄
  9. Sorry for the late reaction, but those pics are well-known and staged for some sort of training- or propaganda film indeed. On the pic where they are coming out of the house you can even see an arrow pointing to the hands of the 'prisoner', held to his head. One of the Allied soldiers carries a sniper Mk4 Enfield minus scope. As for the pic of the man eating, unfortunately none of the pocket buttons are visible and those are often the best way to see if it's a two-piece suit of coverall on grainy pics.
  10. Yes, they were used in the ETO but very limited, which is still a lot more than never though I don't think I have ever seen proof that the Germans used this camo coverall, which doesn't mean it never happened of course.
  11. Or that it was used by the French army post-WW2. It seems the use in the ETO was very limited and appears to have been on an individual basis?
  12. These camo coveralls were used in great numbers by Dutch and French troops in the colonial wars in the immediate post-WW2 period. Some pics of Dutch troops wearing them in the Dutch East-Indies, around 1947:
  13. If you look around you'll find slightly used MD's for a lot less. I got a virtually new Garrett Ace 300i (a decent starter model) from a pawn shop for $80. New Garrett headphones were about €20 and I got a pinpointer from AliExpress for about the same and they really aren't that bad all! So for about $120 I was ready to go.
  14. Well, what's stopping you? A decent starter set can be had for around $250 new, slightly used a lot less if you're lucky. It takes some time to learn, but all info you'll need is available on youtube.
  15. I think it's called the M1944 Net, Helmet and was certainly in use in late WW2.
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