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  1. I think it's good, mix of brass and pot metal for the metal parts so I would say mid-war?
  2. And if you're looking for the correct fender blackout light bracket for a GTB you'll have to fight the early MB guys for it
  3. Maybe you can make out more of the marking with the camcorder nightvision trick? Or with a smartphone cam with colours reversed?
  4. The armored car, staff car and PAK are made by Lineol, I think the field bakery could be Hausser. Very nice and desirable toys!
  5. Yes I have, but I skipped it this time. it's a great site though. Ok then, I have a few more The Tank Corps Memorial was erected in 1922 and consists f.of a granite obelisk with 4 bronze tanks of models used in WW 1. So this memorial was already here when the German army visited again in 1940 with slightly different tanks and advanced right over this same road (which as I stated earlier, dates back to Roman times) and as a result a bullet hole is still present in the model of the Whippet tank.
  6. Or just get a 3 year old smartphone, that's what I used 😆
  7. I forgot to add one of my favorite sites in Normandy... The Batterie de Longues-sur-Mer. Four gun bunkers, each containing a 150mm naval gun and a observation/command bunker at the edge of the cliff and everything is in original condition., complete with war damage.
  8. I got back home from my 5-day trip to Normandy a few days ago. I've been there a number of times before and already saw most of the sites, my I went with my uncle and for him it was the first time. On the way to Normandy we passed through the Somme valley, where some of the heaviest fighting of WW 1 took place. The British launched the Somme Offensive on July 1st, 1916 and on the first day alone they had 19.270 dead; the worst day for the British army ever. The offensive ended on November 18, 1916 after about 8 km of ground was conquered, at a cost of over 1 million casualties on b
  9. Thanks Ken, we'll make it work, I'm sure some improvising will be needed but that won't be a problem.
  10. It's in the solder, so in the seam. A few sips per year won't hurt but I wouldn't use it regularly.
  11. These are soldered with lead though so I wouldn't use them too often... you could use a food-grade sealer on the inside though.
  12. Although I'm keeping a sharp eye on the current situation, I hope to go to Normandy coming Thursday for a few days with my uncle, who's never been there before so I hope that all the museums and sites with be open.
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