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  1. Just cut a rough piece big enough and fold it inside so the liner clamps it in place. You can add a band cut from a truck inner tube. These things were often made in the field from old sandbags and won't be a perfect fit compared to factory-made covers. No need to overthink it
  2. Note it's 1/25 scale, bigger than the usual 1/35.
  3. Very interesting, it's still hard to imagine just how huge this thing is. Thanks for posting!
  4. I think both are Dutch, 'SW' = Schuberth.
  5. As Roy Urquhart in 'A Bridge too Far' (1977):
  6. This particular C-47 was on static display for years next to the Victory Memorial Museum at Arlon in the Belgian Ardennes, before it moved to Best and already was in a poor shape then. After the transport accident it was left for a few years in a field next to the musical venue (a hanger on an ex-navy airfield) and deteriorated even more, due to the salty air. It was subsequently purchased by the mentioned company ( www.dc3dakotahunter.com , owned by a friend of mine) and cut down as the structural frame was in too bad condition to restore it to even static display (the aluminium main spar was
  7. I wonder what the story is with the Madsen M50 SMG's?
  8. I saw posters for this event in Normandy in July, happy to see it went through. looks like a fun event, how many cars were there?
  9. I just remembered I did a short review about the movie here n the forum a few years ago: https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/306645-first-light-2010/&tab=comments#comment-2464446
  10. Another BoB veteran, Geoffrey Wellum, unfortunately passed away in 2018. He was known for his published memoirs 'First Light'. On these a movie with the same name was based, starring Sam Heughan (known from the TV show 'Outlander'), I highly recommend watching it if you have a chance.
  11. I think it's good, mix of brass and pot metal for the metal parts so I would say mid-war?
  12. And if you're looking for the correct fender blackout light bracket for a GTB you'll have to fight the early MB guys for it
  13. Maybe you can make out more of the marking with the camcorder nightvision trick? Or with a smartphone cam with colours reversed?
  14. The armored car, staff car and PAK are made by Lineol, I think the field bakery could be Hausser. Very nice and desirable toys!
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