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  1. The very early rifle covers types have a leather flap and muzzle end cap and not all canvas construction. I have one of the early leather/ canvas type, one 1918 Long stamped marked and three later WWII made ones.
  2. Every 42WLA motorcycle came with one of these manual stuffed in the saddle bags along with a uncrating manual during WWII. The price has been way up on these but has come down, I paid $80 for a mint example without any of the surplus ink price stamped on it and with out any grease marks.
  3. It's a easier manual to find, it's a $60-$70 manual the G523 parts manual are the harder manuals to find.
  4. Earlier dates are harder to find will post pictures.
  5. You'll have to take a look inside the big loop were the pistol belt sides threw for any manufacturing ink stamp? Sure looks like a late War US military canvas made piece. I have a 1945 Harian transitional made cartridge belt has exactly the same colors. Cool find!
  6. I've been looking for a Vietnam dated 1967-69 light weapons plastic oil bottle and can't find any? I found the bore cleaner but the oil bottle I can't seam to find. Does anyone know were to buy one or have one for sale? Thanks.
  7. If your looking for correct WWII Garand make sure the stock, barrel and op rod is correct the hardest parts to find to make a M1 Garand correct is the correct stock, barrel and then uncut op rods.
  8. I went to a estate sale once like that too! I was at huge flea market and didn't find anything vintage military so when we were done the wife and I drove down the back road from were the flea was at about two miles and there it was a estate sale. I was like a kid in a candy store when I enter the garage as walking around the tables set up they had a ton of WWII field gear and hats ended up buying all that was there spent $12 and had a garbage bag full of WWII military it's the only time I've ever done that. Fun to hear others have it happen as well!
  9. Modified for cavalry uses? I would leave it too ! I have first pattern WWII USMC named camo cover reinforced with looks like fence wire loops or hog rings to keep the belt wire from fraying threw canvas pad or working threw it done on each end of it We're the wire comes out It been there a very long time!
  10. Pictures help? Yes they did make Boyt covers.
  11. There is a tip at the top page how to see faded ink stamps on canvas with a black light. The back dates it to 1944-45
  12. I have a Ames 1945 shovel with the pick as its the earliest dated one I've seen. Some say this 45 I have was a reissued them how come you don't see them 1943 & 44 with the pick?
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