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  1. Hi, I used to have one just like the pictured on and was told it was a British made style.
  2. Hi, This is a Tan M1880 helmet with original chin strap and shorter rear bream.
  3. Hi, The tan helmet is a M1880 with original chin strap and shorter rear visor.
  4. Hi, By 1898 the officers would be wearing M1895 undress coats which came after the M1892 undress coat which had the braid but hidden buttons and stand up collar.
  5. Hi, I have a couple of USN M1883 and a M1897 pictured in -Displays- just search- Former dining room- in that forum and they are regulation styles.
  6. Hi, They are hard to find, jimmountainantiques.com has one for sale also a picture of one in Langellier book Hats Off 1872-1912.Good Luck
  7. 1880s to 1902 is the right period for this dress piece
  8. Hi, Nice to see this rare coat, never seen an enlisted one for sale during the 30 years I have been collecting , Paul
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