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  1. Thanks mpguy. I'm one that did not know there were words. The music and words seem to be fitting for memorial services for families and vets. Kind of reminds me of the Navy hymn "Eternal Father" that has had several verses added over the years for all the branches of service.
  2. The scene early in "Saving Private Ryan" when the staff car is driving the long road to the mothers house to inform her of her sons deaths. The long drive part of the scene may have been for movie effect, but the actual informing part on the porch at the front door reminds me of my experience doing that duty. It was June 1989- I had the Chaplain with me , the mother collapsed at the front door on her porch. A year later I informed a 19 year old of her husbands death. That one was associated with the fire on the USS Midway (CV-41) in June 1990. Both of those were in peacetime and even before the first war in the Gulf region, but death of a loved one still hits hard and making the notification and working with the families carries its own stress.
  3. Absolutely concur with the earlier comments about 'Windtalkers' Although someone commented that the Navajo was spoken correctly the way the movie was written and filmed was a joke. Mostly a Nick Cage shoot'em up film. A botched opportunity to honor a little known unique group who provided a secure code or language to communicate/ send messages.
  4. Thanks for the info. I'll try to take some photos in the next day or so. I will add that the blade looks like it was sharpened once but no nicks or chips out of the steel.
  5. Got a 1944 US Disston machete with canvas sheath today at a local fleamarket. No cracks in the handle and the blade is in great shape, just very minor suface rust near the handle. The canvas sheath is stamped with the comapny name but I cannot read the first part: _?_erkert & Melsel Trunk Co. ? 1945
  6. That must be the one ,I remember seeing a trailer online just do not remember it being released or I 'm having a 'senior moment'
  7. A couple of years ago I remember hearing about a WW II movie being made called "Rhineland", but do not remember if it ever came out. Maybe it was a independent film or I missed it. Anyone know?
  8. It was used in Navy Surface Warfare Officer School basic for a portion of leadership classes. In 1981 in SWOS at the Amphib Base Coronado,Ca I remember we would watch it in parts- stop the film and discuss the styles of leadership portrayed.
  9. Turner Classic Movies cable channel runs it occasionally. Have watched it several times. Great Movie- I enjoyed the flight scenes and flight line scenes. Great photo of Jimmy Stewart. I knew he had been a Colonel but did not know he made BG.
  10. Has anyone read "Ordnance Went Up Front"? I've heard it is about small arms repairs of weapons from battlefield pick ups near the front lines in WWII.
  11. You cannot go wrong with CMP. First rate customer service. If you have a problem with a rifle, they will work with you to make it right. Visit a store if you can.
  12. "Bataan Uncensored" published in 1949. Written by Col. E. B. Miller, CO of the 194th Tank Battalion. Signed by author copy.
  13. Can anyone who has a At The Front tanker comment on the fit of the jackets ? (125.00 current price) I like the jacket but I am a hard to fit because of arm length. I'm 5"11 abt 155 lbs. Usually wear a 40R chest (Medium) but need a 35" sleeve in shirt size ,So sometimes I need to go to a Large (42) to get sleeve right but depending on the cut of the jacket it may be too big across the chest/ shoulders. Based on their sizing chart not sure if I should get a Medium or Large.
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