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    World War II South Pacific Theater
  1. Good afternoon from Minnesota, I obtained quite a few World War II U.S. Marine Corps uniforms yesterday while out picking. After some research I have found out that one of the uniforms, along with the a cap, are identified to Joseph Widseth of the 1st Marine Division. Widseth was killed on September 26th, 1944 at Hill 2 on Peleliu and later awarded the silver star. Widseth was from Minnesota and is burred at Fort Snelling. I have been doing some research but if anyone out there has some more information, That would be greatly appreciated!. Thanks for looking. -Matthew
  2. Hi, I picked these up at the Antique store yesterday and i'm not sure what they are and what the deal is with the bullion stars. Any help is appreciated. Thank you very much, -Mattehw
  3. Title should be Homefront/PX. I've been having some weird issues with a delay in the keyboard. If an admin can fix the title, that would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Everything is blank/not filled out. Some stuff i have never seen before.
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