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  1. Very nice.... Thanks for posting!
  2. Very nice....... Thanks for sharing!
  3. Very nice display, and thanks for sharing.
  4. Very cool..... Thanks for sharing!
  5. That's just fantastic..... Thanks for sharing!
  6. Saw it with the wife and brother in-law last night, and I was extremely happy to sit thru the movie without seeing Dale Dye on the screen!!!!! I'm with KING802 and ANDREI fell a little short for me as well especially the final scene. The guy behind me actually laughed out loud when he saw the the German sniper wearing the veil crawling on the ground in the dark. If Brad Pitt had not been in the movie I think my wife would have waked out midway thru the movie. I agree with every comment on what an outstanding job Owen did. Thanks for getting it right!!!
  7. Sweet..... Living close to the Dallas area I have found several items relating to General Harkin over the years. My Grandparents lived two streets over from his house on Stanford street.
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