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  1. What about the officers blanket, shelter half ect....I know officers had access to bedrolls that contained those items which were transported with the other equipment.
  2. Fantastic photo! Infact I have seen this picture many times and never noticed he was carrying that bag! Very cool and thanks for sharing.
  3. Ok, so this can be used on a Marine officers kit in WWI then, good to know. Now, what would its contents have been? I can see at least a mess kit should go in there but what else? Also does anyone have pictures of this is use? The only photo I have seen is in the 1929 equipment regs and I would love to see a pic of a Marine in WWI using it. Bellumbill I would not have been surprised if there was some sort of strap issued with this so it could be carried on the shoulder. In the equipment manual it shows a marine with this attached to his pistol belt along with a canteen, .45 holster with amm
  4. None of my reference books have this pack in it, that being said I dont have Equipping the Corps, so maybe its in there? Anyway, I know this exists in the 1929 equipment manual, but this version predates the variation shown in that which uses a LTD instead of a regular button like this. I was told this is a WWI variation? But I have not seen a picture of it in use during WWI, which is why I want to know more about it and get the facts.
  5. Awhile ago I picked up this rare "Officers Type" haversack for only a couple bucks. I have tried to do research on it, but alas I have come up with nothing. It seems to be an obscure piece of gear and I am hoping that you guys here can give me info on. I want to know about its use, how to wear it on a web gear set up along with what items would go with this, what would go in this, when was this first used by the Marines, when was it phased out ect.
  6. Very very cool picture!!! And from what I can see, I bet that guy in the middle is the same guy! Very similar facial features along with the mustache. My next question is what unit are these guys with, what was their task in battle and why do they have camo uniforms?
  7. This combination for the Marines was not uncommon? I understand the use of WWII USMC camo uniforms, but the use/ acquisition of the Army HBT jacket is really interesting. Could you elaborate on the Marine Corps use of Camo HBT uniforms in the Korean conflict? Up until a few days ago I had not seen a picture of a Marine in a camo uniform during Korea, then I ran into several photos and it peaked my interest.
  8. so, no one has even the slightest idea as to what camo uniform this Korean war marine is wearing?
  9. I have stumbled across a picture that has me stumped and I am hoping to get some input here. The caption for this picture reads: WAR PAINT––Marine Sergeant Lyle Lewis puts green camouflage paint on his face before starting out on a night raiding patrol behind enemy lines in Korea. Since this photo says this is from Korea, interestingly enough he seems to be wearing what looks like a P44 cammo uniform at first glance but a closer look makes me think its an M1942 one piece coverall set or even an army HBT set (the pocket flap and plastic button make me say this is not a USMC uniform) its
  10. Honest to god I have been looking nearly 7 years for a .45 mag pouch and a depot made shovel cover. I dont know if I simply have rotten luck or what but I can never seem to even come close to getting my hands on an example. I am truly jealous and wish I had at least one of those items for the collection.
  11. Yup they sure did. Its build is spot on to any military holster I have seen.
  12. But why does it have the lift the dot snap,? I have not seen this model holster in a left hand arrangement, nor one with a lift the dot snap which is why It has thrown me for a loop.
  13. I saw this in an antique shop today, but I had no idea if it was military or a very old civilian holster. Its identical in build to a WWI M1911 holster but its designed to be carried on the left side instead of the right and has a "Lift The Dot" marked snap on the flap instead of the regular flap closure arrangement. There are no markings anywhere and no indication there were at any point. It seems to be void of an embossed U.S. on the flap as well, though I may be mistaken. It has a regular M1910 hook on the back and slits where a belt can be passed through. Is this an interwar cavalry M1
  14. You see those dual purpose late WWII carbine pouches alot in Korea as well. These are some pics of my Korean War Captains kit using two 44 dated BOYT made carbine pouches like in those pictures of the Lebanon Marines.
  15. Great photos! I noticed that they guys with the Mitchel shelter halfs all seem to have them rolled up with the brown side camo pattern facing out. Very cool!
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