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  1. Thanks Juan, It's a long way, it's not cheap, but how much do you spend on 5 x 2 day events in the USA and what do you get out of those compared to 1 x 10 day all immersive event in the ETO ? Seriously, if you have an interest in WW2 US kit and vehicles, you need to do at least one of these once, I invite anyone to add me as a friend on facebook : john Hayworth and I'll link you to our stuff
  2. A small selection of photos from the Czech trip, none of these are posed, they are just taken as they happened at some point on the 200 miles we moved through the Czech Republic
  3. OUTSTANDING AS ALWAYS, PEOPLE FROM SO MANY COUNTRIES WORKING TOGETHER, AS EQUALS TOWARDS A COMMON AIM, oops caps sorry If you are from the USA and want to come on an event - and no serious re-enactor or vehicle owner can't possibly NOT attend an event in all serious, contact TOM BOWERS, co-ordinating and attending these events on behalf of the US based participants since 1997 !
  4. The most important things : 1) A good and entertaining and believable plot 2) Quality acting 3) Quality directing 4) historical authenticity as eye wateringly wrong stuff turns me right off, but I understand that 99.9% don't give a monkey's turd if that type of undershorts weren't in use until August 1946 5) Something that does not depict Airborne/Para/Ranger/8th AF - again 6) A film about the friggin' Hammelburg raid, come on somebody, I first gave the book to Spielberg when they were making SPR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. My advice Josh, is as follows : a) The war lasted a bloody sight longer than 11:00 Hours June 5th 1944 to 12:00 Hours June 6th 1944, Do not limit yourself to this. I have laughed myself till I filled my incontinence pads many a time at D - Day paras, replete with Mohicans, chin cups, jump ropes and war paint, - in Bastogne, in December, in the snow. Airborne and Rangers are done to death in re-enactment circles, just do normal infantry, and don't get hung up on "unit patch blindness" c) Do some research and find a good quality, fairly local unit, do not buy sweet FA until you d
  6. But not EVERYONE died in 1001 pieces right in your face, every few minutes, everywhere around one, over almost every square meter of countryside as a re-watching of SPR seemed to imply. Struck me how much more effective BOB and Fury were in that respect
  7. Strangely enough SPR was on the TV yesterday and I watched it sewing on 4th and 16th Armored Division insignia for the Czech Fury trip. How sad ! But, I was struck by how poor a film it seemed compared to when I first saw it. Whilst the INITIAL Omaha landing was still the best bit of re-created WW2 movie I think I've seen, once the mirror/chewing gum/bayonet came out I groaned, and whilst I know it's a film, I was struck by how quickly it gave the impression that OMAHA BEACH was decided. After that it degenerated into a gratuitous blood and gore fest, with actio
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